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Significant Events

  • Brikwars Forums created.
  • Peaches take over Rayball Army.

Reports From The Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
NELUG Battle Road

Scenario Rules


The tale of forty law-abiding British redcoats, their heroic attempt to march from one end of a road to the other, and of the forty American colonial insurgents who ambushed them from hiding in defiance of all rules of warfare.
battle road
MoronStudios posts several battles Moron Studios live from Brikinville, the most hobo infested city ever.
Moronstudio's battles
NELUG OURcon 17 battles Four previous Nelug battles saw successful reprises in convention form: It Takes A Pillage, VersaillesPunk, The Tox Uthat, and NasKart. Photo Gallery
OURcon17 battles
NELUG NELUG's Steampunk Airship Combat This Brikwars game featured a steampunk skiff battle set above the desolate Kar’Zuba desert. Every skiff represented a Trading Guild, and upon arrival at the outskirts of a potential market town each captain decided to try and “thin the competition” a bit. Photo Gallery
Steampunk Airship Combat
Almighty Benny Last Man Standing What may be the first Brikwars, as reported by a youtube video. Also, the inspiration behind the "Last man standing" rule for 2010.
Last Man Standng
played by The Battle of Fleebnork Pass Four armies battle for control of Snakecharmer Tower. Should a hero manage to ascend this tower and drink the contents of the Goblet of Command without getting a brain freeze (skill rating 5), they will gain control of all the natives and monkeys surrounding it.
The battle of fleebnork pass
IV Horsemen Battle of RedRock City News from Redrock City, which has been reduced to a smoldering ruin of crumbling Pepsi-carton buildings and styrofoam rubble by the Galactic Corporate Alliance’s bombing campaign. The Galactic Union has moved in to occupy a section of the remains, but GCA forces are moving in to evict them from their positions.
Battle of RedRock City
NELUG NELUGers Clash among Ruins! “Six small squads of medieval troops fought amongst crumbling ruins and landowner homes for dominance of the region. Lizardmen battled Ninjas, Knights skirmished against Highwaymen, and Barbarians took up arms against the Strange Men who embrace scorpions as their sea-wives. Advantage on the field of battle shifted with the winds, but in the end the day was carried by our newly-anointed evil Reptilian Overlords.” In an otherwise standard clash among medieval ruins, they’ve introduced a system to allow units to increase in power as they gain attack experience, and incorporated a further twist on their communally-built modular battlefields.
Clash among ruins

BrikVersal Rekonstruktions
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