BR 2,011

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Notable Events

Forum Battles

-Clash of the Tides by FISH!!!

-Whatever Happened to the Bloodstained Serpent? by Arkbrik

-Assault on Tiny Red Castle by Arkbrik

-Relation-SHIP Problems by beluga

-One blade, three wishes by Killer Karetsu

-Conquest of Reval: Gauntlet! by Apollyon

-Battle for the staff of stone by solvess

-The Fords of Gelron by Bragallot

-Assault on Dawnport by Zahru II

-Freedom's Blood by Bragallot

-Battle near Drakhelm by Zahru II

-Outbreak! by Zahru II

-Scythians Under Attack by Zupponn

-Ruins Resort by Moronstudios

-Battle of the Flooded Plains by Paco

-All Quiet on the FELC Front by Arkbrik

-Operation Mastercutor by Bragallot

-The Siege of Starkeep by Bragallot

-It's A Ritual by Bragallot

-The Siege of Ursa Hold by Zahru II

-Allegiance by Theblackdog

-Mission No. X by Bragallot

-Battle of the Maren by Silverdream

-River Smithy Rumble by Rev. Sylvanus

Reports From the Field

-Battle for RectangularLand by 09123456

-Brikwater Operation #1: The oilhead Situation by 09123456

-Fight for Apocalypse City by alphafalcon451

-8 way Brikwars by alphafalcon451

-Last stand on Raider Valley by alphafalcon451

-The Sunken City of Arrgghh by Apollyon; Akkadians vs Bricktopians

-Ambush by the Ruins by Apollyon

-Battle of Dooplok Swamps by Akbrik

-Battle of the square woods by Akbrik, featuring Vergillus Raskilinov and Pwnies

-peach massacre: now involving AN refugees - by Collete; featuring Time Traveling Super Jews


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