BR 2,012

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Notable Events

Forum Battles

-Of Steam and Magic by Zahru II

-Killing Time by Bragallot

-Election 2012: The politician primary by Silent-sigfig

-Depths of Peril by Zahru II

-Raid on Tranquility Glade by Zahru II

-A.N.U.S. Protocol Saves the Day by Arkbrik

-The President's Speech by BrickSyd

-Into The Dragon's Teeth by Silverdream

-Battle of the Maren by Silverdream

-Sky Runs Red by Bragallot

-Operation Blau by Apollyon (Ft. Vindicator SHDT)

-Quest of Piltogg: Head Separator Part III by Natalya; Pro-immortal forces led by Piltogg and the Akkadians assault the asyrian Death Wall in a daring attempt at retrieving a valuable Artifact of Preceation; the head separator! as a part of the Quest of Piltogg. After much conflict, a heavy metal band begins playing in the middle of the Assyrian city, and all looked upon it and saw that it was awesome. However, in a suprising turn of events, once pro-immortal forces reached the bunker where the head separator was being kept, the Assyrians simply handed over the artifact, ending the game on a somewhat anti-climatic note.

-Tea Party of Doom by ikensall

-Peach Incident on Meridian by Pwnerade

-Digging Up the Past by Theblackdog

-BrikwaRPG by Zupponn

Reports From The Field

-Chosen outpost by alphafalcon451

-Bane of Reyo by alphafalcon451

-Victors of Reyo by alphafalcon451

-Fight for the Maniac Beer by alphafalcon451

-Outpost now you see it now you don't by alphafalcon451

-Island of Maniacs by alphafalcon451

-4chan battle report (WARNING: overload of awesomeness) - by Anonymous

-Ambush of Nova Colonia by Apollyon

-Desperate Measures by Collete

-Operation Umsturzen by Collete

-Blood and Particle Physics by Collete

-Battle of WIP castle by Ben-Jammin

-Lounge Room vs Kitchen - by BlueBright

-weeknight Shenanigans - by Bluebright; featuring pictures of actual, real life girl.

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