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Notable Events

Forum Battles

-Of Steam and Magic by Zahru II

-Killing Time by Bragallot

-Election 2012: The politician primary by Silent-sigfig

-Depths of Peril by Zahru II

-Raid on Tranquility Glade by Zahru II

-A.N.U.S. Protocol Saves the Day by Arkbrik; The Forces of Vergillus Raskilinov do battle with A.N.U.S., Space Pirates, and the Immortals in space. The battle also features Epic Propaganda efforts, the assimilation of a warhead splinter, and an maniac beer infinity-keg feuled drinking contest. By the end of the battle, Vergillus is swallowed up by a black hole, the pirates gain the maniac beer keg, and A.N.U.S. forces are completely destroyed.

-The President's Speech by BrickSyd

-Into The Dragon's Teeth by Silverdream

-Battle of the Maren by Silverdream

-Sky Runs Red by Bragallot

-Operation Blau by Apollyon (Ft. Vindicator SHDT)

-Quest of Piltogg: Head Separator Part III by Natalya; Pro-immortal forces led by Piltogg and the Akkadians assault the asyrian Death Wall in a daring attempt at retrieving a valuable Artifact of Preceation; the head separator! as a part of the Quest of Piltogg. After much conflict, a heavy metal band begins playing in the middle of the Assyrian city, and all looked upon it and saw that it was awesome. However, in a suprising turn of events, once pro-immortal forces reached the bunker where the head separator was being kept, the Assyrians simply handed over the artifact, ending the game on a somewhat anti-climatic note.

-Tea Party of Doom by ikensall

-Peach Incident on Meridian by Pwnerade

-Digging Up the Past by Theblackdog

-BrikwaRPG by Zupponn

-Winter has Arrived by Collete; following the overthrow of the Tratorian Government by Siri, the remnants of the allied tratorians, and several other Allied Nations attempt to put a stop to the revolution by capturing RIN-dominated Red-Transparent asteroids. Features Tratorians and praetorians v.s. RIN, Bavaria, Akkadia and Siri Loyalists.

Reports From The Field

-Chosen outpost by alphafalcon451

-Bane of Reyo by alphafalcon451

-Victors of Reyo by alphafalcon451

-Fight for the Maniac Beer by alphafalcon451

-Outpost now you see it now you don't by alphafalcon451

-Island of Maniacs by alphafalcon451

-4chan battle report (WARNING: overload of awesomeness) - by Anonymous

-Ambush of Nova Colonia by Apollyon

-Desperate Measures by Collete; Avalonian political emisary Wilhem Henrik deploys to the Capital of Tratoria, where he betrays the Tratorian governments trust by capturing and holding the Tratorian president Angela hostage in an attempt to create a ceasefire on the part of the Allied Nations in their attacks against the Third Alliance. However, Tratorian intelligence director Siri uses this oportunity to perform a coupdeteat against her own government; turning Tratria over into a pro-ThirdAlliance nation, and in some respects turning the tide of the AN-TA War.

-Operation Umsturzen by Collete; in the continuation of "Desperate Measures", Siri begins to perform her coup, along with the help of agents from various third-alliance nations; RIN, Bavaria, and the Bricktoid Automata. More specifically; Siri takes out the executive branch of the Tratorian government, while the rest of the action is played out in "Winter Has Arrived".

-Blood and Particle Physics by Collete; Head Tratorian scientist Dr. Liang attempts to perform an experiment to prove the existance of the "liang-Boson" particle, which will fundamentally alter fig-understanding of the universe. However, angry protesters and Trianglist-fundamentalists are here to try and stop her! Eventually, she manages to complete the experiment, and she wins the nobel prize.

-Battle of WIP castle by Ben-Jammin

-Lounge Room vs Kitchen - by BlueBright

-weeknight Shenanigans - by Bluebright; featuring pictures of actual, real life girl.

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