BR 2,013

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Notable Events

The First N00B War began, and spiraled out of control, bringing Bavaria and Trattoria into the conflict.

Forum Battles

-The Devouring Swamp by Bragallot

-Orks Must Die! by Zahru II

-The Shard Plains of Srael by Bragallot

-The Five: Act 1, Of Motley and Murder by Scratch

-A Collision of Interests, Also Planets by Arkbrik

-Return Of Vehicular Brik Slaughter by Moronstudios

-BrikwaRPG2 by Zupponn

-Eye of God by Colette

-Mini Village Raid by Bragallot

-The Siege of Reichingrad by Bragallot

Reports From The Field

-Operation Regenbogen by Colette; in which pwnies are nuked by Trattorians and the pwny capital Canterlot on planet Ekvestria is destroyed.

-Battle for Treasure - post apocalyptic setting - by Bluefrog featuring some nice examples of battle terrain.

BrikVersal Rekonstruktions
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