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In Brikwars, several different sizes of battles take place, ranging from skirmishes to apocalyptic crusades. They are organized into different levels of intensity. The category a battle fits into isn't just to do with points values, but what kind of units are used and objectives, take what you see below as a rough guide. Links provided are just a sample of battles, many more exist buried withing the tens of thousands of posts on the brikwars forums, have gone un-reported, are hosted on brickshelf, mocpages, personal sites, Nelug and more dark corners of the internet or lost.

Skirmishes: Small battles often focused in small areas such as bars or streets, while small they can be extremely entertaining, allowing players to utilize close combat weapons and random objects like beer mugs with brutal LOL-efficiency. Skirmishes rarely feature vehicles of any kind.

DSM Civil War

Last Man Standing

Confrontations: When two to three platoons of soldiers face each other in combat over some obscure possibly pizza or siege based objective, hilarity will almost always occur, Confrontations feature the fun high-explosive weapons and vehicles of higher levels but will stay easy to manage like skirmishes.

Upon A Stranded Toybox (Unfortunately the music to this amazing video was disabled)

Clashes: This kind of battle is relatively common among war-gaming clubs and friends playing together in an thoroughly organised way. Features of this kind of battle are multiple groups playing some kind of extended scenario such as assassinating enemy leaders or escaping with the gold. Clashes require lots of prior organisation but once the game momentum gets going it tends to work out. They feature good use of vehicles of various sizes from squads of bikes to tanks, Dragons & mecha.

Megablox Vs Lego II

Onslaughts: This is a rare breed of battle, mainly because it can become easier to jump to epic level games, this kind of battle is known by it's large armies utilizing all kinds of war machines.

Epics: These types of battle can feature the larger varieties of weapons, or can simply be of a grander scale.

Death War

Armageddons: Extremely large battles that are encompass the ultimate weapons in brik warfare, Super Weapons and Hyper Weapons. To this day no Hyper Weapons have been built. Armageddons rarely ever happen (possibly 1-2 in the brikwars' 15 year history).

Unfortunately many battles have been lost to the dreaded 404 and Hosting Fee's as such no battle report still exists of such battles.

There are also a plethora of battles which have defied standard ranking by not following what most battles are, they may involve races or role-playing. They occur because brikwars is a great platform for modification to any kind of turn based strategy game.

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