Battle Plates of Ragnablok

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The Battle Plates of Ragnablok
Alternate Pocket Dimension
Conditionally Infinite
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The Battle Plates of Ragnablok are a proving grounds of eternal, glorious war. Many minifigs dedicate their whole violent lives to be worthy enough to enter the Plates and do battle there forevermore. They are also the final destination for all lost minifigs, a sort of afterlife for a race of creatures without one. The fields of war, stud splattered and reeking of melting ABS, are their homes now and they must choose to follow the righteous path to heroism or be ground down as cannon fodder for superior boots to tread upon.

Battle Plates of Ragnablok Characteristics

The Leaderboard

Though, in the eyes of BrikVerse inhabitants, war is its own reward, the Plates of Ragnablok exist on a higher level of existence. Battle may be had in the RealVerse, whenever and however those with the appropriate violent tendencies dictate. It may be glorious or not, exciting or not. Ragnablok, however, represents the ideal of combat. The Plates inspire the perfection of conflict and, as such, reward those true heroes who personify its Plate-onic ideal. Whenever a Hero accomplishes some great deed, news of her prowess is transmitted throughout the entire dimension. Records are kept of these deeds and warriors can earn Reputation throughout the realm. Higher levels of Reputation entitle warlords to greater and greater rewards, chosen from a cache of options presented her. These may be larger armies of Spawners, elite squads of death dealers, magic spells, tactical advantages, enhanced weaponry and equipment, vehicles ranging from carts to starships, and a whole host of other prestigious items, baubles, advantages, and personnel. The top level Lords of Battle are virtually gods in their own right and choose from reality shaping powers for their rewards. Taking on warriors with higher Reputation nets the challenger more Reputation of his own and thus the grindfest is perpetuated ad infinitum.

Time and Space

While time does progress normally in the Battle Plates, it does so only to chronologically order the conflict. That being said, the powers of certain Lords often overwrites or rewrites timelines so battles may not always proceed according to order, as well they shouldn't. The Plates themselves seem to favor this approach, so there are vast swaths of space where time has little to no meaning and other swaths where time is absolutely critical. Essentially, in the Battle Plates of Ragnablok, Time as a concept is reduced to little more than a tactical consideration much like everything else. Some insist that the battles taking place in the realm will eventually congeal into a single massive battle headed by all the Lords of Battle and that this final battle will bring about the end of time and existence as we know it. So far, though, the battles keep recycling themselves and the dimension always appears renewed.

The Battle Plates extend in all directions, conditionally forever. That is, the Plates are finite with borders and are filled to capacity with combatants. However, they have the ability to expand exponentially infinitely. Whenever more room is needed to make war, more room is made and the space filled.

The Doom of the Weak

Not every minifig is good at combat; some warriors will always be better at it than others. It's a sad fact of life in the BrikVerse. Some minifigs are broken, unable to enjoy conflict or seeking to avoid it. Still others may be shunted in from outside BrikSpace, possibly from one of the other verses in the Legitimitium MultiVerse, and may not have been born or bred to battle like their planar cousins. Well, weapons and terrain have to come from somewhere. Minifigs who do not perform well enough in the fields find themselves literally ground down to be the briks warriors stand upon, the rifles in their hands, and the armor on their backs. Whole capital ships in the Battle Plates of Ragnablok are constructed from the silently screaming remolded bodies of the inept.

Battle Plates of Ragnablok Inhabitants

More than just warriors and cannon fodder inhabit the neverending fields of bloodshed. Various and sundry creatures and monsters, some cloned from other dimensions and multiverses and some actually from other planes of existence, roam the Plates. Gods and goddesses and the gender neutral versions of deities live or work there. Sometimes, the epic heroes whose deeds have become famous in the entertainment networks of the Far-Ums retire here. The Battle Plates are home to anyone with a lust for fighting and the will to get there...or the misfortune to arrive there.

Battle Plates of Ragnablok Connections

The Battle Plates of Ragnablok exist inside their own pocket dimension. There are no natural, recurring connections to other planes of existence so travelers must forge the connection themselves. On occasion, the Plates themselves will pluck a lucky warrior from a RealVerse and deposit him in the midst of a truly epic battle there. There are even rumors of Valkyries employed by the Plates, or whatever mysterious masters are in charge of the Plates, to retrieve special warriors from the BrikVerse personally. This is considered a rare honor and, putting aside the staggering Reputation rewards he gains, the warrior earns the undying respect and admiration from his fellow contenders.

Many BrikVerse inhabitants have tried to force their way into the Plates, even some Humans, but this has been largely unsuccessful mainly due to a proper lack of transportation or proper maturity. There have even been schemes involving time travel, but the Gates that lead to the Battle Plates of Ragnablok are barred to all but the worthy or the useful.

Notable Battle Plates of Ragnablok Characters and Locations

The list of notables in the Plates is expanding all the time. See "The Leaderboard," above.

Several deities are also known to cut a bloody path through the dimension from time to time.

Celebrities of the Far-Ums sometimes retire to or visit the Plates.