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| || 4chan battle report (WARNING: Overload of awesomeness.)
| || 4chan battle report (WARNING: Overload of awesomeness.)
| '''Apollyon''' || Battle for the Rainbow Demon
| '''Apollyon''' || Battle for the Rainbow Demon || 12/03/09 || {{Thread|3720}}
| || The Bridge
| || The Bridge || 04/11/11 || {{Thread|6894}}
| || The Sunken City of Arrgghh
| || The Sunken City of Arrgghh || 05/16/11 || {{Thread|7232}}
| || Ambush by the ruins [HH]
| || Ambush by the ruins [HH] || 11/01/11 || {{Thread|8532}}
| '''Arkbrik''' || Sir Johnny hunts a dragon
| '''Arkbrik''' || Sir Johnny hunts a dragon

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Arkbrik's original Battle Reports thread: Forum Thread

Human Battle Date Thread
09123456a The Battle for Rectangularland 06/21/11 Forum Thread
Brikwater Operation #1: The Oilhead Situation 08/09/11 Forum Thread
10hundred Microfig battle
501stCadians Bunker 1403
AdrianTheGeek Brikwars/Quikwars
alphafalcon451 Fight for apocalypse city
8 way brikwars(pic heavy now)
Last stand on Raider Valley (hh)
Chosen Outpost
Bane of Reyo awesome battle
Victors of Reyo
Anonymous Harpoon Jones
4chan battle report (WARNING: Overload of awesomeness.)
Apollyon Battle for the Rainbow Demon 12/03/09 Forum Thread
The Bridge 04/11/11 Forum Thread
The Sunken City of Arrgghh 05/16/11 Forum Thread
Ambush by the ruins [HH] 11/01/11 Forum Thread
Arkbrik Sir Johnny hunts a dragon
High School Deathmatch
Snakes on a plane
The Massacre of Raupill V
Copenhagen Climate Conference (artist's impression)
The Alighieri Incursion
Battle of Dooplok Swamps
BrikWars at Harry Potter Experience Borlänge 2012
Atomsk BrikWars: The Last Ginger
beluga/Colette Battle of the Aloha Sector
Peach Massacre: now involving Allied Nations refugees!
Desperate Measures
Operation Umstürzen: Now updated w/ Part 1!
Ben-Jammin Ambush on Ignarius
Weekend Battle
Fight for the Quarry
Assault on Beige Carpet City!
A Shadowed Alliance
The Board Is Set
Battle of Beigetown
BFenix The Battle for TUGRLWAOS
bigbigdogbig rebels suck
Bragallot [Prussian Sector] Diplomacy Breaks Down
Deadliest Minifig (Round 1)
Fight for the crystals (my first 'real' Brikwar!)
The Return
Lenfald Border Skirmish
BrickSyd Prison Break! (small-scale test battle)
Fall of the Justicar
The Happy Ending Treason (HH)
Brikboyz Ambush on the Empire Assault
The Battle for Supremacy
Capture the Nuke
Medieval Mayhem!
Brikwarrior Brikwarrior's Battle Reports!
The Deadliest Bionicle
Small Town War!
Cakeman The Forgotten Battle of the Unimportant Tower
Random battle for the grocery store.
Captain Nomouth first ever battle report - Battle for Emerald Base
Carda Battle for the Brikipelago
Carrnevil9 Event: First Brickwar Battle -Solo-
chrisbare Hold McGuffin Bridge
Chris Doyle 2010 Advent Wars
Colt The zombie attack
Cpt. Zipps Carnage(With Pictures!)
D-Day Tribute Battle
Das Raver B The Battle of Browntable (First recorded Brikwar)
dilanski Pirate camapiaign test
Fleet Battle.... (battle completed)
Quasi-Battle-Report>Siege of Colony Daedalus
Xenkan Incursion-Chapter 1: First Contact
Xenkan Incursion-Chapter 4: Battle of gener IV-III
Doopliss Battle of the Non-Descript Plains
Battle of the Unnecessary Wall
Outbreak at Ribannald
Capture the Princess
Battle for Ascention
Legopia vs. Saturnalia Spirit
EagleV So Let's Go
EdenBirch Strike force!
Elmagnifico FICO Fatality: A cinematic deathmatch in sequentia
eviljack Kids Fest 09, Brikwar #1
Falk Operation: Beachhead [HH]
feuer_faust Some Dudes vs Some Other Dudes
Royal Rumble! (1-25-2011)
Firyr Maidenthron my first brikwars battle
ForlornCreature DSM Civil War!
fredde Battle for the brown wall.
garold Mt. Brick: Plainface Cultists vs. Sketchy Townspeople
Ham701 NSST-HBTE War: Operation Feelgood
heavyfishcannon The Battle for the town
HHD Stop the Droids!
Hoboman Child Obliterates Dad's Army
ikensall Battle for Fort Legoredo (HH)
IX_Legion Battle for the Pyramid
Battle for Random Island
james+burgundy NELUG
BGGB (Blood,Guts,Gore,Battle )
GottaCon Battle
Piltogg VS James Burgundy Battle report.
Brick Fair BrickWars
jodokast Zombie lab battle
Battle of Champions
Battle of Champions 2 [HH]
Kastrenzo Final Battle of City 17
The Solokov Campaign
Keldoclock Brikian Skirmish!
kerlc Battle of the shelf!
kidko [Solo] Battle of the Sol Dies
Zombie Survival
Second battle of kidko's house
kiemaster My First battle report
Killer Karetsu A tale of two minifigs: Nuka-skull vs. Sir Hax-a-lot
Dem old/random battles
The battle at Brikpass [HH]
King of Brix The birth of Red Clay and the Battle of Armageddon.
KittywithLEGO KittywithLEGO and Arkbrik, reporting live from Gothenburg
Kooberz Battle of the Brick, Built for Combat
legacymedia92 A dollhouse ninja imperial dimmy fight (large pics)
the war for the orb
LegoEggo Viking Massacre
Legoliam11 The battle of Insert Name Here Lake
Legonater Battle of the semi-built city
G.A.W.-Peach Massacre
G.A.W.-Microfig civil War
Battle of The Nardanian Outpost
Lt. Krus The Battle of Fort Duncon!
Project: Injured Eagle
Part 3: The Aftermath
MasterEcabob The Battle of Asteroid 7-9J
Graveyard Ambush
Bunker Mayhem
Ambush in Sector XIX
Matt My first documented BikWar
mercury19 Great random encounter!
mgb519 Reclaiming Fort Jefferson
Ambush valley (HH)
Mohawk My first victory in months
morganm Taking Back Briksville!
2011-06-12 : The Fall of El Papa
Moronstudios Syrofoam Fort Fight
Vicwars at Gottacon 2010 (Pistures and video)
HH: rage on the roads
Blazing Brikinville
GottaCon 2012!
MrBlobJr Battle of Black Plains
Saturnalia Apoc 2010
mr.duckie yeah, we might need to think about scaling up.
NapalmKing Defending the temple
Operation WMD retrievement.
Battle for the Orange Transparent Ore
The horde of mini figs
Battle in Hell
Natalya Battle of Death
The Peach Massacre of G.R.2010
The Peach Massacre of G.R. 2010 -- ROUND TWO: FIGHT
BrikWar -- May 01, 2011
Destruction at the Church
The Extermination of Newer Peach City in G.R. 2012
Ogel96 Prisoner Panik.
Press Conference
F3li% Fallen
Olothontor A Happenstance Meeting - kidko vs. olothontor
Predator -+-Prologue-+- Redemption
Rev. Sylvanus Top Thread: Rev's Battle Reports
Whiteagle Recovery
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