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After the [[Akkadian Empire of Ultra-Badassery|Akkadian]] technological development of personal teleporters, all neighboring planets immediately launched an assault on Akkadia, in an attempt to stop the teleportation accelerator from becoming fully operational. They failed in accomplishing this, and their deaths opened up pro-immortal opportunities for advancement in the Akkadian sector. [http://www.brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5220 Afteraction Report: Immortal Class III Sniper I0158]
After the [[Akkadian Empire of Ultra-Badassery|Akkadian]] technological development of personal teleporters, all neighboring planets immediately launched an assault on Akkadia, in an attempt to stop the teleportation accelerator from becoming fully operational. They failed in accomplishing this, and their deaths opened up pro-immortal opportunities for advancement in the Akkadian sector. [http://www.brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5220 Afteraction Report: Immortal Class III Sniper I0158]
=== T.T-T.B/ CloneHead Chronicles: Fatal Negations ===
CloneHead's (a clone of Prof. SharkHead) power is growing on Ajax-4. and with the coalition tied up in the Southern hemisphere fighting the peach menace the Immortals felt the need to quell this soon-to-be problem. A small team is sent to take Clonehead out. [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5322 Battle Report: T.T-T.B/ CloneHead Chronicles: Fatal Negations]
=== The Immortal Hunt ===
=== The Immortal Hunt ===
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Lord English, a Warhead shard and commander of the Immortal 51st Expeditionary Force, secretly sponsors the Venetian People's Liberation Front, a [[Police State of Venice|Venetian]] rebel group, in an attempt to kidnap [[Il Duchessa]] of Venice. [http://brikwars.com/wiki/index.php?title=Heat_In_the_Jungle Forum Battle: Heat in the Jungle]
Lord English, a Warhead shard and commander of the Immortal 51st Expeditionary Force, secretly sponsors the Venetian People's Liberation Front, a [[Police State of Venice|Venetian]] rebel group, in an attempt to kidnap [[Il Duchessa]] of Venice. [http://brikwars.com/wiki/index.php?title=Heat_In_the_Jungle Forum Battle: Heat in the Jungle]
=== Operacja: Laserowy Gniew ===
On planet Wrocław, [[Confederation of Polonia]], [[Third Alliance]] forces assault a Polish tank factory during the [[AN-TA War]]. An Immortal ''Blood Wrath'' Apocalypse-class tank joins in on the fun, but is downed by an [[RIN]] Omega Doom. [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13409 Forum Battle: Operacja: Laserowy Gniew] [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13441 T1] [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13484 T2] [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13509 T3] [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13523 T4] [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13539 T5] [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13554 T6] [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13572 T7] [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13576 T8] [http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13580 T9]
=== Battle for the Immortal Hard Drive ===
=== Battle for the Immortal Hard Drive ===

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The following battles took place during The Immortal War, as well as numerous smaller, unrecorded conflicts.

See also: Timeline of the Immortal War



Fall of Fico

A desperate stand by the Gamma Corps on their home planet, Fico, against an unstoppable invading foe, The Immortals in G.R. 2009. This marks the first major incident in the Immortal War, tearing apart several empires and forcing others to choose sides or perish under the hammer. Forum Thread: King of the Hill, Soap: FICO Fatality, Forum Thread: Fall of Fico Battlefield

Zombie Zulu Dawn

A Flare up of tensions between multiple Star Nations that took place during a Zombie Apocalypse. Orchestrated by a band of Rouge Peach dissidents and their genetic mutation experiments. You, know, the usual. Staring a cast of millions. Full After-Action Report Here: Immortal Admiral Warhead's Debriefing

The LEONIDUS Saga, VoL Consolidation

King Leonidus of the VoL dies during ZZD and fights his way out of BrikHell like a badass.

Vol consolidation campaign: The Vol alliance with the Immortals was not met with approval by all, even among the Vol. Currently, the Vol have been consolidating power, subjugating dissenting clans and forging an even more efficient and more formidable empire.

An Immortal's Worst Nightmare

Truly a nightmare, this was PedoNuker's first forum battle, and like anything else he does, was a piece of crap. The premise totally raped the entire Immortal War storyline by introducing this "Immortal-killing" Mcguffin, and having a couple star nations fight over it. Luckily, Stubby stepped in halfway through the battle and banned the little idiot before anything could happen. Nothing is known about the rest of the battle and the fate of the mcguffin, but it is assumed that stubby banhammered the entire planet, destroying the mcguffin, the camera crew filming the battle, and all the living things on it. Final Transmission from Surface: News Team D0

Immortal Incident on Medivo

The forces of Evuul on the primitive planet of Medivo seek the aid of the Immortals in their fight against their insidious and sickeningly goody two shoes enemies. Full Overview Report: Immortal Oversight Craft IEX109

Hope's Last Stand

After the Akkadian technological development of personal teleporters, all neighboring planets immediately launched an assault on Akkadia, in an attempt to stop the teleportation accelerator from becoming fully operational. They failed in accomplishing this, and their deaths opened up pro-immortal opportunities for advancement in the Akkadian sector. Afteraction Report: Immortal Class III Sniper I0158

T.T-T.B/ CloneHead Chronicles: Fatal Negations

CloneHead's (a clone of Prof. SharkHead) power is growing on Ajax-4. and with the coalition tied up in the Southern hemisphere fighting the peach menace the Immortals felt the need to quell this soon-to-be problem. A small team is sent to take Clonehead out. Battle Report: T.T-T.B/ CloneHead Chronicles: Fatal Negations

The Immortal Hunt

A squad of Silvarian soldiers attempt to capture the knocked-out Immortal called M from a few Shady Mercenaries. Just beside this caravan battle was another one, a gaggle of Britannians trying to recapture several treasure chests from manly pirates. All are pursued by a hovercar of Fenian Raiders. The result was a temporary victory of the Shady Mercs, (everything else was destroyed by a giant cat) until the three mercs trapped on a broken vehicle in the middle of the desert were found and killed by the Silvarian Empire. Bystander Account: Giant Cat Tribe (thread deleted), Photos on Brickshelf

Boarding the Hyperion

By Koincidence, an Immortal Navy SHIP was raided by both Briktopians and Pirates at the same time. The raid ultimately failed but it turned out that the computer core from Zombie (Zulu) Dawn was onboard the Hyperion together with Emperor Warhead who had apparently retrieved it from the void. Also, Zombie Lincoln was captured by the Immortals, whose contacts, and possibly support, between The Immortal Empire and the peach abominations were revealed. Security Log Files: Captain of Security (deceased)

Blind Spot

A battle on a minor planet near the Immortal power base. The Immortals attacked with a guerrilla force to destroy a comms relay. Battle Report: Orbital Observer

The Battle of The Altai Sector

As a small side note. The combined Silvarian, NSST and Tyronian fleets defended the capital of the NSST from the MNU. The battle was ended when Ross Varn's personal ship warped in and sent the shuttle to Nyphilis. The battle escalated, with the Immortals getting involved as temporary allies, ending with the complete destruction of the Nyphilian Empire and extermination of every last one of the little gits. An Immortal/ Tyronian fleet raided an escape convoy, boarded the shuttle, and captured the President Austin (who'd allegedly resigned), a lower general, and several Secret Service men. All were executed or all slated for execution by Lord Warhead. The battle is further illustration of pedonuker's mental instability. First empire to fall after the Immortals introduced themselves to the galaxy by booting the Gamma Corps off Fico. The Battle: The Brik Fourms: Neutral Territory Space The Capture: The Brik Fourms: Execution Chamber Aio-9

The Alighieri Incursion

Vergilius Raskolnikov invaded the FELC world of Alighieri as part of his universal conquest campaign. What at first looked like a simple enough fight was made more complicated when Pirates and BrikThulhian abominations joined the fray. To top it off, an Immortal strike force appeared, declaring war on the FELC for their betrayal of The Immortal Empire. A combination of unholy magic and tentacle rape eventually purged the entire planet of life, ending the battle. Full file here: Independent Archivist Arkbrik's Report

Assault on Goatse Bunker

A variety of factions, including Britannians, VoL, Akkadians, and Tanaris Confederacy on the Immortal side, and Assyrians, Gamma Corps, and FELC on the Anti-Immortal side, and the [[45th Union], USSSR, and dozens of other unaffiliated factions, all fight over a key of ImmortalTek Maniac Beer. In the end a team of Necromancers secure the beer and run away. Forum Battle: Assault on Goatse Bunker

Lego Wastelands

An Immortal Armour Recon team is sent out to tame a newly conquered wastelands, filled with horrors such as Wasteland Scavs, Immortal Wallies, and Necrotek. In the end, Immortal reinforcements led by Supreme Commander Warhead himself take the field and wipe out the threats. Forum Battle: Lego Wastelands

The War for Remarque

Vergilius Raskolnikov continued his war against the FELC, igniting the Eastern Region's border wars over unclaimed worlds. Briktopian Empire troops reinforced FELCian troops as the ground war burst from the trenches. The previously present crew of pirates appeared, cast out from BrikThulhu's locker, and intent on mayhem. An Immortal detachment arrived to attack the FELC, but was destroyed itself by the anti-Immortal allies. Vergilius army was eventually wiped out (in part thanks to the timely intervention of some overpowered illiterates) and Vergilius Raskolnikov himself was killed by pirate captain Rodrigo Palo. At the end of the day, the FELC stood triumphant on Remarque, having repulsed Raskolnikov's invasion and enlarged their own empire. Full file here: Independent Archivist Arkbrik's Report

Scythians Under Attack

Warhead sends the newly hired Zupponn Mining Co. mercenaries with some Immortal support to raid a run down Scythian mining outpost. Unexpectedly, Farce Using Ninjas, Ruffians, and Medieval Enthusiasts show up to create some chaos. Eventually the battle ends with the Immortals and their Zupponn Mining Co. allies victorious as they destroy the outpost and put a dent in the Scythian war effort. Battle Report: Scythians Under Attack

Prussian-Monarchial Conflict

The Prussian-Monarchial Conflict was a part of the Immortal War which began in R. 2,011 as the Inquistadorial Monarchy plotted to attack the newly discovered Neo-Prussian Empire in hopes of seizing their rich system. See the forum thread for a full list of battles within this sub-conflict: Top Thread

The Neo-Prussian Empire, after ages of seclusion, unsuccessfully tried to declare neutrality on the eve of the Immortal War (Forum Thread: Neo-Prussian Empire). Eventually, forced to pick a side, their stubbornness plunged them into an impossible war against the Immortal Empire (Soap: Diplomacy Breaks Down). The Inquistadores, greedy for Neo-Prussia's rich resources, quickly offered to punish the Prussians by invading their system. Grudgingly, they accepted Brittanian and VoL inVoLvement (Forum Thread: 6th Immortal Legion).

Operation Mastercutor

Expecting swift victory, Duchess Angelica's 6th Legion swooped down on the Prussian systems aggressively, but the Prussians prepared better than she had estimated, ambushing her spread out navy. After heavy losses on both sides Duchess Angelica was eventually captured, giving the Prussian Empire a great advantage and a powerful hostage, even though their navy - unable to face the Immortal Navy head on - retreated from the system to rebuild. Forum Battle: Operation Mastercutor

Mission No. X

The Prussians utilized their advantage to its fullest, holding Duchess Angelica captive and thus holding the Immortal legions waiting outside their homeworld at bay. After many months of inaction, the Prussians released the captured Duchess Angelica in a clever plot. Their cunning ploy wiped out almost the entire Inquistadore high council, including the Archduke, Valenza, which plunged their enemies into a state of disarray (Soap: The Return). Having learned the Immortal Advisor Sharane Darkstar's whereabouts, the Prussian navy quickly intercepted her. The mission succeeded, or so they thought, for Immortals don't die easily... This fight also saw the first involvement of the Assyrians in the Prussian-Monarchial conflict. Forum Battle: Mission no. X

Killing Time

Immortal armies converged on Neo-Prussia's last outer base, home to a massive ion cannon that would make any attempt at bombarding the main planet impossible. It was expected the real war - the invasion of the homeworld - would begin after this, but in the end it turned out to be the last fight in the conflict. When the defences again proved too stalwart, the Immortal Advisor released the Peach Virus on the system, turning friend and foe alike into mindless zombies. The undead swarmed over the system, quickly making any further invasion impossible, laying waste to the Prussian worlds and forcing the remaining Prussians to scatter and retreat from their beloved homeworld. Leaderless and spent after the bloody struggle, the Inquistadores soon fell to infighting, almost nullifying their cooperation against the Anti-Immortal alliance. Thus the invasion ended in utter chaos, with no clear winner. Forum Battle: Killing Time

Wake-Up Call

Lieutenant Wolffe and Wallis return to virus-infested Neo-Prussia to save some squadmates, requiring a deal with the mining Immortals and Britannians. Almost overcome, they're saved by Bragina, who has learned the undead are not leaderless or mindless but directed by Archduke Valenza, who somehow survived fake Angelica's attack. She deduces Sir Bragallot's involvement in helping Valenza, and promises to work with the squad to save Neo-Prussia. Soap: The Lone Wolves

Civil war still rages on Dios, and the chaos only worsens when powerful mutants in Prussian uniforms attack a lab researching an antidote for the Peach Virus. They try to replace the cure with the virus. An elite group of Inquistadorial commandos only just stops the calamity and secures the data core. Sharane is back from the dead to stop the civil war in Dios and rally the Inquistadores again for the Immortal cause. Wary of the threat to Dios, she takes control of the commando squad. Forum Battle: Commandos Part 1: Wake-Up Call

Felipe Del Montero, head of the Del Montero family, tries to assassinate Sharane to stop her efforts at stopping the civil war in Dios. The Third Alliance promised support for his loyalty. Sharane however sees through his ploy and kills him, but faces the problem that Felipe has no heirs, and thus the civil war will rage over his territories as well. Sharane proceeds to lead her commandos into a ponicide, sacrificing enough ponis to resurrect Angelica Del Montero and avert this problem. Soap: Ponicide

Sky Runs Red

Sharane finds out that the same Prussians and Assyrians who attacked the lab have been secretly building a hidden space station in the skies above Dios. She realizes if its construction is not stopped, it will be powerful enough to dominate all of Dios. Rallying Inquistadore, Brittanian and her own Immortal forces, Sharane launches an assault against the station, but it is repelled. Forum Battle: Sky Runs Red

Siege of Reichingrad

The space station is finished, and the mutants are only adding to the chaos on Dios, making sure that everyone who becomes powerful enough to create some stability dies a short while later. Sharane realizes she cannot fight the Prussian-Assyrian alliance where they are strong, so she decides to launch an attack on the faraway Prussian base of Reichingrad, where the scattered Prussians are trying to rebuild, in retaliation. To her surprise, she finds neither mutants nor Assyrians guarding the area, only normal Prussian forces commanded by Der Kaiser. The Prussians repel the attackers, but just as the dust begins to settle, Bragina appears in her cruiser and orders the remains of the base to be bombed into oblivion. Forum Battle: Siege of Reichingrad

Operation Annihilation

Bragina reveals that she was the one who revealed the location of Der Kaiser's base of operations to Sharane. Her goal was to have them kill one another and then kill off the survivors to keep them from getting in the way of her plans later on. As Inquistadore, Prussian loyalist and Immortal ships clash in the skies above Reichingrad however, Der Kaiser manages to escape Reichingrad. Bragina seemed unfazed by this setback, as she managed to capture Sharane's flagship in the struggle. Forum Battle: Operation Annihilation

Avalon Saga

A Warhead shard seizes control of the Kingdom of Avalon for a period (Soap: Liberation Part 2), forever changing the course of the nation. See wiki page for more details.

He directed harsh tactics and a military buildup, leading to the capitulation of the invading Menggu (Forum Thread: The Giant Awakens). Political tensions rise under Warhead's leadership, however, leading to an attempt on High Chancellor Semaj's life (Soap: The Fuse is Lit). Deposed, Warhead finds the key to Cyrmu to become the next King of Avalon (Soap: The Powder Ignites).

Hopklis Nur

The Warhead shard and Avalonian/Neo-Prussian forces clash over the key to the maps to Cyrmu, resulting in Avalonian/Neo-Prussian victory and the death of the Warhead shard. Forum Battle: Hopklis Nur T1 T2 T3 T4

Rescue at Elwyngweth

General Atazir and his cronies kidnap Semaj, and also send fake communiques to the AN in his name that start the AN-TA War. In the ensuing battle, Avalonian Uther Pendragon dies, and his blood summons another Warhead shard with a vendetta against Avalon. Uther and Semaj, both major figures of Avalon, die, as does the reborn Warhead shard, and Avalon falls shortly afterward. Forum Battle: Rescue at Elwyngweth T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7


The first TLA colony ship arrives in the Nehellenium Galaxy and is greeted by an Immortal battle. Forum Battle Top Thread: Allegiance

North vs. South #3 - Zombie Apocalypse

The Laporte Helghasts, together with Warhead, fend off zombies while waiting for extraction from Fugates Station. After the battle, King Dillon of the Laporte agree to an Immortal Alliance to fight off their enemies, the Northern Bemidji Alliance led by Emperor Eli. Battle Report: North vs. South #3 - Zombie Apocalypse


Suspecting treachery from his ally the Zupponn Mining Corporation, Warhead hires a ragtag group of mercenaries to investigate. They find the ZMC secretly excavating an ancient dreadnut, and clear the area to present their findings to Lord Warhead. Forum Battle: BrikwaRPG

Quest of Piltogg: Battle for the Head Separator

Piltogg, supported by his Akkadian Empire as well as Warhead's Immortal forces, plan to steal the Head Separator from the Assyrian Star Empire (Soap: Battle for the Head Separator Prelude). After raiding a CSR Alltimate warehouse on Perseid IV (Soap: Battle for the Head Separator Part 1) and knocking out an Assyrian defense station (Forum Battle: Head Separator Part 2), the combined Akkadian and Immortal forces land on Aratus II in Assyrian space, facing a Death Wall, a Vanquisher Super Tank, and even an Armored Core. In the end Piltogg manages to obtain the Head Separator, albeit with heavy casualties. Forum Battle: Quest of Piltogg: Head Separator -- Part III

A.N.U.S. Protocol Saves the Day

Vergilius Raskolnikov attempts to attack the neutral Allied Nations during the first part of the AN-TA War, with the Immortals getting tangled in the chaos. Forum Battle Top Thread: A.N.U.S. Protocol Saves the Day

Operation Silver Bullet

A Trattorian experiment to contain the Immortal Maniac Sergeant Banfull goes horribly awry and attracts unwanted attention from other factions. The battle ended abruptly under disastrous unknown circumstances and the subsequent mass-amnesticization of all present personnel - Trattorian forces lost track of Sergeant Banfull in the chaos. Forum Battle Top Thread: Operation Silver Bullet

Conquest of Dagskar Fort

The planet Argond was colonized by the Allied Nations, before a Warhead shard and his cronies invaded. The Immortals prevail, also stealing the dinosaur pr0n requested by Warhead as a joke. Battle Report: The Conquest of Dagskar Fort, Rise of a Sphincter PT. 1


After losing contact with a settlement and a detachment of Terrorkhan, Warhead sends in the same ragtag bunch of mercs from BrikwaRPG to investigate. They discover Von Brag, but he escapes before he can be apprehended or killed. Forum Battle: BrikwaRPG2

A Lovely Picnic

A bunch of Bavarian royals are assassinated at a picnic, with the involvement of several factions including the Immortals. Forum Battle Top Thread: A Lovely Picnic

Quadrarian Saga Season 1

Chan, an Immortal Terrorkhan, crashlands from an Assyrian spaceship onto Balwryn Prime, the heart of the Quadrarian Empire. After some misadventures, he and some other survivors get into a fight with the Wartirnian Mercenaries. Forum Battle: Quadrarian Saga Season 1

Heat in the Jungle

Lord English, a Warhead shard and commander of the Immortal 51st Expeditionary Force, secretly sponsors the Venetian People's Liberation Front, a Venetian rebel group, in an attempt to kidnap Il Duchessa of Venice. Forum Battle: Heat in the Jungle

Operacja: Laserowy Gniew

On planet Wrocław, Confederation of Polonia, Third Alliance forces assault a Polish tank factory during the AN-TA War. An Immortal Blood Wrath Apocalypse-class tank joins in on the fun, but is downed by an RIN Omega Doom. Forum Battle: Operacja: Laserowy Gniew T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9

Battle for the Immortal Hard Drive

A hard drive with Immortal intelligence is lost and fought over by various factions, eventually being seized by the USA. Chat Battle: Battle for the Immortal Hard Drive


The Scythian Office of Naval Intelligence loses contact with one of its secret KUTM facilities, and several factions send forces to investigate. Forum Battle: K.U.T.M. (ongoing)


The Immortal War truly begins when the Immortals break out from Fico, and invade into the surrounding systems.

Omega Campaign

The story of the Omega Legion's operations against the United Systems Alliance.

The Fall of Starport 73

Led by the Omega Shard, the Imperial Legions and their allies attack a spaceport held by the United Systems Alliance to capture a Warhead Shard. Forum Battle Topic Thread: The Fall of Starport 73

Escape from Planet Drex

On the immortal occupied planet of Drex the remnants of the USA army attempt to escape. Chat Battle: Escape from Planet Drex

Get That Antiimmortalium!

The Omega Legion, The United Systems Alliance, and other factions clash over the last of the Nyphilian Antiimmortalium. Soap; The Jackpot, Forum Battle Topic Thread: Get That Antiimmortalium!, Soap: Lords of War and Thunder

Contingency Red

Immortal forces knock out a USA early-warning station in the Hawaii system, enabling a future Immortal invasion of the USA home systems. Chat Battle: Contingency Red

Get That Teleportium!

Immortal forces fight with a bunch of other factions over some trans-pink teleportium that sprouted in the middle of a town. The battle ends in Immortal defeat and the death of the Huntress, with the Trattorians prevailing. Forum Battle: Get that Teleportium

Battle of Bay View

The Immortal Omega Legion makes landfall on the USA west coast and successfully breaches the USA line. Forum Battle: Battle of Bay View

Capture the Bunker

The Immortal Omega Legion continues their advance in California. A force led by the Huntress and Mentat DeVries try to capture an old CIA bunker. Forum Battle: Capture the Bunker


Theta Campaign

The Theta Legion is responsible for the Immortal invasion of the Atherta Federation and surrounding regions.

Into the Breach

The Atherta Federation defends a cities outer defenses from Immortal invaders. Forum Battle: Into The Breach


Sigma Campaign

The Sigma Legion is the invisible hand of the Immortal Empire, using unconventional tactics to bring down the major superpowers of Nehellenium. Their area of responsibility encompasses the Northern Spirals region of the galaxy, including the USA's eastern border, Trattoria, and Assyria.

Murders & Acquisitions

The Sigma Legion, led by the Accountant and with some help from the Immortal allied Britannians, ambush and kidnap a Goldman Sucks executive outside New London while fighting off USA and Trattorian resistance. The executive is successfully tortured with hot tea waterboarding into revealing valuable insider information on several upcoming mergers & acquisitions, which Sigma Legion plans to use to sabotage the economies of the Anti-Immortal superpowers. Chat Battle: Murders & Acquisitions

A Hostile Takeover

Led by the Accountant and the Sigma Shard, the Sigma Legion acts on some of the insider info gained previously to stage a daring infiltration raid in the Assyrian Star Empire's capital Austere. They attack a meeting where United Assyrian Technologies is trying to acquire GI Brik Inc., a USA weapons and ammunition supplier, with the goal of killing off the UAT executives and forcing GI Brik's acquisition by the Immortal Empire and disrupting the Anti-Immortal Alliance's weapons supply. Fierce fighting with Assyrian, USA, and Trattorian forces, along with the Sigma Shard's reckless bloodlust, leads to a mission failure, although the entire GI Brik board of directors and CEO are killed off and the Immortals seize several company laptops and documents containing further insider info and intel. Chat Battle: A Hostile Takeover


Aided by Immortal Empire Agent Valkova, a revived Britannian Lord Wildman and Claybar PLC betray the other banks in a LIBOR interest rate rigging scheme (including Goldman Sucks and Hell's Fargo & Co.) and kill all anti-Immortal units present with no casualties. Chat Battle: LIBOR to Me

Battle of Planet New Orleans

With reinforcements supplied by Immortal High Command, the Sigma Legion finally begins the Immortal invasion of the USA home systems in their first large-scale conventional combat operation, striking at the southern swamp city planet of New Orleans. After the Accountant's naval forces secured space superiority with a surprise assault, the Sigma Shard, Immortal forces, and other pro-Immortal allies dropped to the surface and mopped up the USA and allied Anti-Immortal defenders in the city. Afterwards, the Immortals bombarded the planet from orbit with black-hole missiles. Overall, Immortal forces secured a foothold for further invasion. Chat Battle: Battle of New Orleans

Woo Tang Clash

In a continuation of the Immortal invasion of the USA, Sigma Legion forces in Florida attempt to capture the Acelera Pharmaceuticals VP Dr. Shkreli for his corporate secrets on his way to USA federal prison in Coleman for securities fraud. The team also had a secondary objective of stealing his valuable one-of-a-kind Woo Tang Clan album. They are miserably routed by USA and Acelera forces. The Immortal Optio leading the platoon did however kill and desecrate the corpse of Pleb Bush, former Florida governor and Republicuck 2016 presidential candidate. Chat Battle: Woo Tang Clash

Battle of Gulfport

The Sigma Legion's invasion continues, this time onto the planet of Gulfport in Mississippi. Immortal and TTSJ forces overwhelm the USA line, which was aided by some Venetians. Chat Battle: Battle of Gulfport

Operation Glass Leviathan

The Accountant, enraged at the Immortal Sting taking command of the USA invasion in a power-grab, recruits Mentat Arima and as many ships as he can to launch an invasion of Trattoria's Commercium border system. He hoped to sow terror and demoralization among the Trattorians, who had never been invaded before, as well as destroy as much of the Trattorian Sector V fleet as possible and kidnap Legislator Dr. Kamishiraishi (who was passing through the system) in hopes of preventing the ratification of a Trattorian Non-Aggression Pact with the M-Throne Empire. Dr. Desroches, Stratego of the Sector V fleet, routed the Immortals and destroyed the entire invasion fleet, a heavy loss for the Sigma Legion, in a stunning victory and demonstration of Trattorian teknological prowess. Dr. Kamishiraishi, having seen the Immortal menace firsthand, switched from undecided to supporting the M-Throne NAP and thus ensuring its passage. Trattorian forces captured the Accountant in the aftermath of the battle. Soap: Analytic Continuation, Chat Battle: Operation Glass Leviathan, Soap: Analytic Continuation (Part 2)

Battle of Planet Houston

The Sigma Shard leads a brutal invasion of the planet Houston in Texas with some Britannian allies, destroying the defending anti-Immortal USA and Trattorian forces and massacring the civilian population down to the women, children, and babies. He also finds Darren Studs, the COO of Octan based in Texas), as a secondary objective. Chat Battle: Houston, We've Got a Problem

Undisclosed Location

The Immortal Maniac General Banfull leads an attack on a Trattorian Lambda Corporation provisional site in neutral space, assisted by the VoL. Space Austrians and Polish also attack the site. The Immortals prevail and capture the site and the secret that lies within. Chat Battle: Undisclosed Location

Battle of Fairhope

The Sigma Shard leads a force to retrieve a hard drive containing the last known copies of Billary Clinton's emails and the infamous President Trump golden shower video. The Immortals sustain many casualties in the vicious ensuing tank battle, but prevail. Unfortunately, the Sigma Shard's idiocy prevents the Immortals from using the contents of the drive for blackmail. Chat Battle: Battle of Fairhope


Omicron Campaign

The Omicron Legion is responsible for the Praetorian Empire. They are currently operating in the Magikallenic Kloud against invading Praetorian forces there.

A major objective of the campaign concerns the former Allied Nations PAX Corps flagship The Spirit of Ragnablok, built by the Praetorians and which mysteriously disappeared during the First Battle of New York. The Praetorian government and RARCom located the signal somewhere within the Magikallenic Kloud, triggering an invasion. The Immortals also gained an interest in the vessel after discovering its relationship with the Scythians and time travel...

Black Tide

An unprecedentedly massive Immortal fleet ambushes Praetorian forces preparing to glass a captured Space Nazi planet after a referendum on the target city. The Omicron shard and Britannian General Bruce Menzies lead a ground assault against Praetorian forces protecting some escaping transports. The Praetorians defeat the Immortals, killing the Omicron Shard (temporarily) and forcing the Britannians into retreat. Praetorian Commander Idris Pilate is seemingly KIA after the battle, before being resurrected and learning a terrible truth about the Omicron Shard. Meanwhile the Praetorian fleet retreats and regroups. Battle Report: Black Tide


Delta Campaign

The Delta Legion is responsible for Space Austria.

Battle of Cape Briks

The Delta Legion gets into a spat with the Trattorians, Space Austrians, and USA over the body of an assassinated Trattorian Legislator. Edgelord Redd earns Immortality for his performance in the battle. Forum Battle: Battle of Cape Briks