Battles of the Immortal War

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The following battles took place during The Immortal War, as well as numerous smaller, unrecorded conflicts.

See also: Timeline of the Immortal War

The Fall of Fico: A desperate stand by the Gamma Corps on their home planet, Fico, against an unstoppable invading foe, The Immortals. This marks the first major incident in the Immortal War, tearing apart several empires and forcing others to choose sides or perish under the hammer.

Zombie (Zulu) Dawn: A Flare up of tensions between multiple Star Nations that took place during a Zombie Apocalypse. Orchestrated by a band of Rouge Peach dissidents and their genetic mutation experiments. You, know, the usual. Staring a cast of millions. Full After-Action Report Here: Immortal Admiral Warhead's Debriefing

The Leonidus Saga

The Vol consolidation campaign: The Vol alliance with the Immortals was not met with approval by all, even among the Vol. Currently, the Vol have been consolidating power, subjugating dissenting clans and forging an even more efficient and more formidable empire.

An Immortal's Worst Nightmare: Truly a nightmare, this was PedoNuker's first forum battle, and like anything else he does, was a piece of crap. The premise totally raped the entire Immortal War storyline by introducing this "Immortal-killing" Mcguffin, and having a couple star nations fight over it. Luckily, Stubby stepped in halfway through the battle and banned the little idiot before anything could happen. Nothing is known about the rest of the battle and the fate of the mcguffin, but it is assumed that stubby banhammered the entire planet, destroying the mcguffin, the camera crew filming the battle, and all the living things on it. Final Transmission from Surface: News Team D0

The Immortal Incident on Medivo: The forces of Evuul on the primitive planet of Medivo seek the aid of the Immortals in their fight against their insidious and sickeningly goody two shoes enemies. Full Overview Report: Immortal Oversight Craft IEX109

Hope's last stand: After the Akkadian technological development of personal teleporters, all neighboring planets immediately launched an assault on Akkadia, in an attempt to stop the teleportation accelerator from becoming fully operational. They failed in accomplishing this, and their deaths opened up pro-immortal opportunities for advancement in the Akkadian sector. Afteraction Report: Immortal Class III Sniper I0158

The Immortal Hunt: A squad of Silvarian soldiers attempt to capture the knocked-out Immortal called M from a few Shady Mercenaries. Just beside this caravan battle was another one, a gaggle of Britannians trying to recapture several treasure chests from manly pirates. All are pursued by a hovercar of Fenian Raiders. The result was a temporary victory of the Shady Mercs, (everything else was destroyed by a giant cat) until the three mercs trapped on a broken vehicle in the middle of the desert were found and killed by the Silvarian Empire. Bystander Account: Giant Cat Tribe

Boarding the Hyperion: By Koincidence, an Immortal Navy SHIP was raided by both Briktopians and Pirates at the same time. The raid ultimately failed but it turned out that the computer core from Zombie (Zulu) Dawn was onboard the Hyperion together with Emperor Warhead who had apparently retrieved it from the void. Also, Zombie Lincoln was captured by the Immortals, whose contacts, and possibly support, between The Immortal Empire and the peach abominations were revealed. Security Log Files: Captain of Security (deceased)

Blind Spot: A battle on a minor planet near the Immortal power base. The Immortals attacked with a guerrilla force to destroy a comms relay. Battle Report: Orbital Observer

The Battle of The Altai Sector: As a small side note. The combined Silvarian, NSST and Tyronian fleets defended the capital of the NSST from the MNU. The battle was ended when Ross Varn's personal ship warped in and sent the shuttle to Nyphilis. The battle escalated, with the Immortals getting involved as temporary allies, ending with the complete destruction of the Nyphilian Empire and extermination of every last one of the little gits. An Immortal/ Tyronian fleet raided an escape convoy, boarded the shuttle, and captured the President Austin (who'd allegedly resigned), a lower general, and several Secret Service men. All were executed or all slated for execution by Lord Warhead. The battle is further illustration of pedonuker's mental instability. First empire to fall after the Immortals introduced themselves to the galaxy by booting the Gamma Corps off Fico. The Battle: The Brik Fourms: Neutral Territory Space The Capture: The Brik Fourms: Execution Chamber Aio-9

The Alighieri Incursion: Vergilius Raskolnikov invaded the FELC world of Alighieri as part of his universal conquest campaign. What at first looked like a simple enough fight was made more complicated when Pirates and BrikThulhian abominations joined the fray. To top it off, an Immortal strike force appeared, declaring war on the FELC for their betrayal of The Immortal Empire. A combination of unholy magic and tentacle rape eventually purged the entire planet of life, ending the battle. Full file here: Independent Archivist Arkbrik's Report

The War for Remarque: Vergilius Raskolnikov continued his war against the FELC, igniting the Eastern Region's border wars over unclaimed worlds. Briktopian Empire troops reinforced FELCian troops as the ground war burst from the trenches. The previously present crew of pirates appeared, cast out from BrikThulhu's locker, and intent on mayhem. An Immortal detachment arrived to attack the FELC, but was destroyed itself by the anti-Immortal allies. Vergilius army was eventually wiped out (in part thanks to the timely intervention of some overpowered illiterates) and Vergilius Raskolnikov himself was killed by pirate captain Rodrigo Palo. At the end of the day, the FELC stood triumphant on Remarque, having repulsed Raskolnikov's invasion and enlarged their own empire. Full file here: Independent Archivist Arkbrik's Report

Sythians Under Attack: Emperor Warhead sends the newly hired Zupponn Mining Co. mercenaries with some Immortal support to raid a run down Scythian mining outpost. Unexpectedly, Farce Using Ninjas, Ruffians, and Medieval Enthusiasts show up to create some chaos. Eventually the battle ends with the Immortals and their Zupponn Mining Co. allies victorious as they destroy the outpost and put a dent in the Scythian war effort. Battle Report: Scythians Under Attack

Blitzkrieg: The Immortal War truly begins when the Immortals break out from Fico, and invade into the surrounding systems.

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