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BrikWars battles are fought across the entire spectrum of imaginable environments. If it can be built, or even half-assed represented with a tablecloth thrown over some books, it's fair game. All that matters is that minifigures get to beat the snot out of one another in the coolest setting possible.



Baseplates are plates that are thinner than normal that can serve as bases for Brikreations or other stuff.

Pesgores insists that all creations need baseplates to be cool, especially battlefields, but no one really cares.

Baseplates come in several varieties of sizes: 32 x 48, 32 x 32, and 48 x 48 are just some of them. Some 32 x 32 and 32 x 48 baseplates have patterns like roads, rivers, and some have raised sections. These last kind are called raised baseplates.

Planetary Classes

Planetary Classes represent, outside of space battles and inter-dimensional phenomena, the most fundamental battlefields on which armies can clash. They are the types of worlds Factions and Forces come from.


A BrikWorld is, very simply, a naturally occurring planet belonging to the BrikVerse. Usually, these planets are spawned from the universe itself but are on rarest occasion dumped into the BrikVerse from another universe during some MultiVersal event. A planet thus displaced only becomes a BrikWorld in the truest sense when the universal Legitimitium has taken root and converted the majority of the planet to studs and briks.


A FringeWorld is a planet that resides in "fringe" space, that is, a planet in the most remote regions of space, at the edges of galaxies or sectors. FringeWorlds are often highly isolated by vast distances or strange celestial phenomena, from one another and from the rest of the universe. They don't see much use on the main intergalaktik stage but serve as excellent vacation spots, secret laboratories and training centers, and invasion platforms. Many, however, are completely unknown to any but the natives.


A HomeWorld, sometimes called a MotherPlanet or some similar variation, is the central birthing place or staging area for a given culture or faction. HomeWorlds are often vast and resourceful, filled with all the goodies a faction needs to wage war on other planets and systems. In most cases, unless special measures are taken, those resources become thinner the farther out a faction ranges away from their HomeWorld. This, in combination with reality twisting Koincidence, has lead to the general intergalaktik territorial power structure, perhaps best exemplified in the Galaxia Nehellenium, seen in the BrikVerse.


A HubPlanet is a world littered with generally geo-stationary portals and gateways, natural or minifig made. These portals might lead to others of like kind on the same planet, they might lead to StarDoors halfway across the universe, or they might even lead to alternate dimensions. These worlds serve as the hub, or central point, for these portal networks and are often used militarily for their sheer tactical versatility.

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