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Religions of Bavaria

Bavaria is predominantly Cuthulic, with the first Bavarian Kaiser Arminus having a giant Oktopusika carved into his chest. He and his army would fight completely naked and covered in blue dyes. His traditionalist army of barbarian crusaders and knights triumphed over the nations on Homburg. Thus the colour blue is said to be a victor's colour, and why most buildings, vehicles, and articles of clothing contain some variant of blue. Also the Oktopustika and BrikThulhu are popular images for Bavarians.

The more religious of Bavaria think of Piltogg as an agent of BrikThulhu because of his Oktopustika token, and like him because he wears a traditional lederhosen under his uniform. However the vast majority of Bavarians still view Klaus as a capable and unquestionable leader of Bavaria.

Aside from Cuthulicism, about 10% of the total population is Jewish. The Jews make up a good portion of the scientific community and the nobility.

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