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Here are several definitions for Beige Carpet.

Carpet Theory

String Theory is now generally regarded as a bad idea. But, if you bundle those strings and interweave them, you'd get Carpet Theory.

ABS is what the customizable structure of the Brikverse is made of. At a lower, sub-atomic level, that ABS sits upon the immutable Beige Carpet. Wherever you find a Brikwar, there are beige carpets. Whether its in space, a green meadow, a castle or a dark cave.

The Beige Carpet is indestructible. It can survive any number of game ending atomic explosions.

Beige Carpet is the fabric of our lives.

Police Investigations

The police analyze interior photographs of suspect's homes. The presence of Beige Carpet is a strong indicator of Pedophile activity.

A positive hit on Beige Carpet usually results in the hurling of baseless accusations, inside jokes, threats regarding mom snuggling and comparisons to Hitler.

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