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TL 4 (Modern)
Yellow-Supremacist Militia
None listed
Assyrian Star Empire



45th Union

Peach Liberation Army

Notable People
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Way-Of-Life Guards and volunteer Minutefigs keep an eye out for minifigs with the wrong skin color at Peerodazi Bleywatch station 1815

Following the cataclysmic events of the Gray Shift in BR 2,004, the people of the Fleyor Civilization decided that they'd had all they could stand. A populist movement of beach lifeguards, resort workers, and equestrian trainers banded together to defend color purity. Yellow-supremacist elements within traditional Klassik Kolor Konservative enclaves banded together in a self-described "Pee Party movement," bringing a level of grassroots energy that had rarely been seen in the normally laid-back populace.

Swayed by media manipulation and intimidation tactics, the cowardly Fleyor Parliament gave official government sanction for Pee Party milita to militarize into the Bleywatch homeland defense force. The following morning, dozens of peach-painted airplanes crashed into the Parliament building and into the homes of each of its members. In the interest of homeland security, Bleywatch had no choice but to take command, forming the Peerodazi military dictatorship. (Anyone who questioned the official story of Peach terrorism became another victim in the continuing rash of unfortunate airplane crashes.)

Under Peerodazi leadership, the Bleywatch forces brutally oppose, oppress, and exterminate all undesirable colors appearing in the known universe. Although their original mission tasked them with defending Fleyor from all shades of bley, it quickly expanded to include all non-classic colors, including several that preceded the Gray Shift - primarily bley, but also teal, lime green, light blue, orange, and a large variety of transparent colors. There is one exception: pink, which the Peerodazis stretch to make umbrellas, beach chairs, and drinking vessels. No one has ever learned the secret of how Fleyors are able to create pink elements, but they always seem to have a lot more of them whenever they've finished exterminating a bunch of Peaches.

K. K. Konservatives and Bleywatch grunts dream of ascending to the ranks of elite Way-of-LifeGuards, who are specially tasked with the hunting and genocidal extermination of non-Yellow minifigs. (They make an exception for brown-colored minifigs, regarding them as their strict equals, because to do otherwise would be racist.) The most elite and fanatical LifeGuards are tapped to join the Order of the Pinquisition. Bleywatch Pinquisitors direct their special hatred towards Peach mutations, whose rapid multiplication since the Gray Shift is viewed as an existential threat to their paradisal Yellow way of life.

Unlike Space-Nazis, Bleywatch forces are dedicated to preserving the purity of their own worlds, rather than pursuing extermination through conquest.