Bob the Unbuilder

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Bob the Unbuilder
Bob the Unbuilder.JPG

President of the T.L.A.

T.L.A. (Three Letter Acronym)


Bob the Unbuilder was born in the T.L.A. before their mass exodus to the Brikwars Galaxy. Showing an early aptitude for both construction and destruction, he became a mercenary and part-time construction worker. Bob the Unbuilder was elected President of the T.L.A. in R. 2,008, running a successful campaign on the slogan "Fuck yes we can!" and a disturbing tendency to mutilate his opponents during debates. His accomplishments in office include building the Galaxy's first hover Killdozer (out of parts from the Presidential hover limo, which he destroyed), providing cheap Medikal care to all T.L.A. citizens, repealing a long-standing law preventing dapper gentlemen from serving in the T.L.A. armed forces, signing a peace treaty with Bavaria, and slaughtering several dozen Brittanian soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. He was re-elected in R. 2,012 despite the looming economic threat of a Fiscal Event Horizon brought about by massive increases in military spending.

There is an animated TV show chronicling his many exploits; although it is marketed primarily towards children, it has proven oddly popular among adults as well.

President Bob's Hover Killdozer.jpg

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