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Bosons are an important element of particle physics and the force-carriers in the brikverse- in particular, they are distinct from the other type of particle, the fermions that make up ABS matter.

Bosons are governed by laws created by the famous Einstein and his Scythian collaborator Boze. One could say they are the enforcers of science’s laws, mediating the fundamental forces such as gravity and light that all other forces derive from. Bosons also have an additional interesting property of attracting prestigious Nobel Prizes upon their discovery, leading to particle physicists around the brikverse to consider them serious business and invest millions of dollars and years of research just to find one specimen of a new type. These bosons are often found by smashing together the tiniest pieces of ABS the brikverse has to offer at extremely high energies- akin to stacking lego plates on top of each other and then smashing these stacks together in an attempt to isolate a plate in the center of a stack.

Since then various scientists have discovered seven elementary bosons, each mediating a different force.


Force: Electromagnetism (light and magnets)

Discoverer: Einstein

Example Uses: Laser guns, beamswords, railguns, maglev trains


Force: Strong Nuklear Force (holds atomic nuclei and hadrons together)

Discoverer: Akkadian Lepton-Isospin Collider Experiment (ALICE)

Example Uses: Nuklear options

W & Z Bosons

Force: Weak Nuklear Force (changes quark flavor)

Discoverer: Trattorian Soledad Fermion Super-Collider (SFSC) Experiment

Example Uses: Radioactive dirty bombs, nuklear fusion

Higgs Boson

Force: Higgs Field (gives mass to everything)

Discoverer: Trattorian SFSC Experiment

Example Uses: Higgs Cannons, mass effect fields


Force: Gravity

Discoverer: Trattorian SFSC Experiment

Examples Uses: Gravity guns, black-hole torpedoes, anti-gravity drives

Liang’s Boson

Force: Classified by Trattorian military

Discoverer: Trattorian SFSC Experiment

Example Uses: Classified, time travel?

While there are other types of bosons, these seven are the fundamental force-carriers and therefore the other bosons are of little consequence to anyone except unfortunate students taking AP Physics. Particularly, the photon, gluon, and W/Z bosons are classified especially as gauge bosons.


An example of a particle collision spewing bosons

Due to their insistence that they have discovered the Theory of Everything, the Trattorians deny the existence of the bozon and consequently strongarm the rest of the particle physics community to go along with them. Not that mad-scientists follow the traditional conventions of the larger scientific community, of course.

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