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The Cthulu-luminati infiltrate all significant institutions in the BrikVerse through their fraternal front organization, the BrickMasons, seeking the forbidden technology and occult knowledge that will one day allow the minifigs to rise up and disassemble Humans in a terrifying Octopocalypse.

Although a seemingly innocuous fraternal organization at the lower levels, the upper BrickMason echelons practice occult rituals based on belief in a supernatural Human known as the Great Builder. The Great Builder is who hath created all the planets, and all the MOCs within them. Mid-level BrickMasons are his followers, who attempt to follow in his footsteps. Being pacifists, worshippers of the Great Builder have many rescources to spend on erecting magnificent cities and MOCs wherever they are found.

Upper-Level BrickMasons are actually members of the Cthu-Luminati, and they seek to discover the nature of an Even Greater Builder who constructed Humans, so they might learn his secrets and disassemble the Great Builder. To do this, they spend a great deal of time and resources organizing conspiracies to destroy all the varied and glorious creations of mid-level BrickMasons in the most spectacular fashion, to maintain their control of society and to learn the secrets that can be gained from fantastic acts of gratuitous destruction

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