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Outside of merely running fun wargame battles using construction toys, storytelling is a top level concept for the BrikWarrior Community, tying together Factions, Locations, Teknology, Characters, Theologies and Philosophies, Creatures and Beasties, Materials and Phenomena, and any sense of Continuity (or focused, intentional lack thereof). Players might approach a variety of media forms to engage this process, like stop motion animation, fiction writing (called BrikFic), comic book presentation, physical or digital artwork, photograph series, battle reports, forum battles, forum thread discussions, and more.

BrikWars Clusterfic

Often in BrikWars, stories will spring to life from the varied goings-on of its community. Collections of battle reports will begin to form an overarching plot, players will photograph vignettes and storyboards that tie in with their own or other players' battles, and epilogues and prologues will be written or filmed in association with battles and stories.

The following pages list out the various BrikWars Story Clusters as top level concepts and show all the elements (discovered elsewhere in this wiki) that contribute to it.

The AN-TA War

Being the ongoing conflict between the Allied Nations - United Systems Collective and the Third Alliance.

The Arkeais Convergence

Being the Chronicles of the FringeWorld HubPlanet Arkeais.

The Chronicles of Doom

Being the setting and stories of the region of space around the Doom Moon of Dis, an entertainment, industrial, and penal hub in the centrally BrikVersian Nehellenium Galaxy.

The Ecto Conflict

Being the record of events, forces, and characters in the Devoid Sector.

Ekvestria Rising


The Immortal War

Being the record of the most central conflict in the BrikVerse, an invasion conquest campaign spearheaded by the Immortal Empire into the heart of the Galaxia Nehellenium.

Medivo Battles

Being the record of medieval combat and maze-like plotlines on the isolated planet of Medivo.

The NegaTaint



Throughout the Rekonstruktions, many great works of bloody literature have been produced as accounts of the warring history of Brikwars. This is known primarily as BrikFic and it may take many forms, whether deadly serious or laughably lighthearted.

Brikwars Carol

A Carol devised in the winter-times by the forum members to bring the spirit of the forum to the general public.

Brikwars: A Book (By Stubby)

A series of the best and brightest from the forum brought to you in an easy-to-read and fun format.

Friggin' in the Riggin

A shanty composed by the sailors of the ship Venus, now sung in various sea and space-ports. Original author: The Sex Pistols.


Rayhawk's interactions with an anorak.

The Holy Rule Tome

The volumes containing the very nature of the Brikverse. Read with caution.

His Bow Fires Katanas

His Bow Fires Katanas is a song relating to the exploits of Katana Bow Man, by Zupponn.

Horses, by Stubby

Stubby's equine anal birthday story.

Information Superhighway

The third best description of the forum yet, the first and second, respectively, being "One 'person', named 'forum'. It's possible that [it has] multiple personality problems." --Tzan "One Schizoid, Paranoid person in an insane asylum with MPD." --501st Cadians

The Legend Of Uncle Gee

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. He will kill you and give you tea.


An account of the heroic actions of Leonidus.


A collection of Manly Tales from the forums. A recommended read, containing several amounts of piltoggs.

The Most Noblest Tale Of Good Sir Shadowscythe, Brikwarrior and Comrade Extraordinaire

In the late early G.R. 2,011, The Shadowscythe was revisited by an ancient enemy, who threatened everything that was and will be. It will never be the same.

The Necronobrikon

The sacred book of the Brikthulhu Cult. The text itself cannot be displayed here due to safety reasons.

On Vandalism

A Wiki Lesson.

Quest of Piltogg

A record of Piltogg's quest to retrieve each of the nine artifax of pre-creation.

Wisdom of Rayhawk

Random quotes from Rayhawk which are obviously trolling attempts, but manage to be profound in some way."

The Scythian Shorts

A collection of Short Stories from the Scythian Empire written by Shadowscythe.

The Saga of Harpoon Jones, Hero of the deep.

The tale of Harpoon Jones, who gave his very life to defeat a truly horrible foe.

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