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[[File:TheRing.jpg|By Tzan]]
[[File:Tzanception2.jpg|By Tzan]]

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In the Recent G.R. 2,011, Stubby has endeavored to compile the best of the Brikwars forums in an easy, likable format. The project hit a roadblock when he discovered his illustration skills weren't quite up to the task, but fortunately Arkbrik was able to step in and save the day. A few months after the turn of the G.R., Natalya took up the job and has since been posting the comics in lieu of Stubby. They can all be seen here, as well as links in the pictures for context. Unfortunately, the amounts of randomness in said pictures have affected the wiki, and thus thrown off the format of the page. That is why some pictures are lower, higher, or slightly off-center.

The blank comic created by Arkbrik

The comic rules by Tzan

Tzan wisdom 3.jpg

Tzan wisdom 4.jpg

Tzan wisdom 5.jpg

Tzan wisdom 6.jpg

Tzan wisdom 7.jpg

Tzan wisdom 8.jpg

Tzan wisdom 9.jpg

Tzan wisdom 11.jpg

Brikwars-comic h8rs.PNG





Strawberry Shitcake 2.PNG



Thats what she said.PNG

By Tzan

By Tzan

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