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In the early G.R. 2,011, Silverdream began a census of the Brikwars Forums. It is the first of its kind, and should bring about information previousy unknown about the forum-goers. It is made up of eleven questions. These are they.

1. What is your race on your mother and father's side?

2. What is your nationality?

3. What is your race?

4. What is your religion, or are you an atheist or agnostic?

5. What is your age?

6. Favourite Movie?

7. Favourite band/artist/shitty musician?

8. When did you first get into brikwars?

9. Favourite Book?

10. Favourite genre of music?

11. Occupation?

More information will be posted as the census progresses. To take it, read [this] and PM Silva your answers.

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