Brikian Nation

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Brikian Nation
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The Planet of Brikia

The planet of Brikia is a strange and deadly place, as it is one of the few places in the BrikVerse known to have Voids.

These strange Void Zones are absent entirely of ABS, and are free from its warping effects. Within these places the common notions of time and space dissipate, and many rules of the Brikverse are no longer valid. Minifigs live together in peace and harmony, free of the ill effects of not slaughtering their countrymen. Many a man has fallen into these Voids, and returned with Artifacx from the far future, the distant past, and strange and ungodly places, driven insane or aged far beyond his years, and sometimes the minifig emerges younger than he was when he entered.

The Brikian Nation

Amongst the shattered wastes of this world, a minuscule nation has begun to carve a place for itself.

Years ago, Encon, an exceptionally dangerous and charismatic leader of a rebel group in a city of a larger nation, begun gathering many individuals of like mind. These rebels fought their way through much resistance, eventually reaching a military depot, where they stole found an old T-1 helicopter, a local copy of the Space Commie M24 Hind. This particular one was a retired command 'chopper, named the Typhoon.

All but a precious few rebels died on the way to this helicopter, and Encon and his soldiers used it to flee the city's oppression and forged a new nation, far from the others on Brikia's surface. The rebels, now calling themselves Brikians (Encon believes that they are the only ones upholding the ancient minifig values of trust, honor, compassion, and peace), wrested control of a small amount of land from the local peaches (led by the evil Dr. Oglethrope, a Mad Scientist that perverts and mutates any creature he finds) in BR 2,010. They are currently in the process of reclaiming the land from the Wastes, as well as training a regular military from Brikia's small civilian population.

Brikian Military

The Brikians specialize in fast, mobile assault. Helicopters, APC's, and other forms of armored and unarmored transport are common among their forces, and many of their specialists are armed with Automatik or Explosive weaponry.

They are currently experimenting with Mecha, and have stolen a copy of Alltimate's Brawler suit plans from a more advanced nation.

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