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The Brikodiac: forum-made zodiac of the Brikverse. All time is divided into sixteen titles, hand chosen from Brikwars history. They are the Years of Brikthulhu, Super Tank, Minifig, Mech, Proto-fig, Triangle, Undead, Rule Tome, OTC, Armoured Car, Pirate, Deadly Spaceman, Castle, Iceworlder, Two-by-Two, and SHIP. It was crafted by the Honorable Leprechaun in early G.R. 2,011, in the midst of a roaring blizzard surely sent by the gods themselves. Explanations for the choosing of each category can be found [here].

File:Http:// 41b608a381 z.jpg align="center"

Also made shortly after the Brikodiac was completed, Leprechaun also drew up a chart that related the sixteen categories to all the years up until the turn of the Modern Era, G.R. 1,900, to the supposed end of the world, Ragnablok, in G.R. 2,012, to aid other mortal who looked upon it. This is used to find where years of birth, death, or other years of importance correspond to the titles.

File:Http:// 31240e3b18.jpg align="center"

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