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-- Under Construction,
-- Under Construction,
just going to be a little rinky-dink page to show my stuff, no point in posting it on the forums since it's already been seen months ago and nothing is new.
just going to be a little rinky-dink page to show my stuff, no point in posting it on the forums since it's already been seen months ago and nothing is new. I'll add pictures soon once I get them resized.

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-- Under Construction,

just going to be a little rinky-dink page to show my stuff, no point in posting it on the forums since it's already been seen months ago and nothing is new. I'll add pictures soon once I get them resized. ~K



Brikrigton is a mid sized world in a hostile region of space, The planet has been been the site of several invasions and internal conflicts, Including several Negaverse Minion invasions, The constant wars on this world have prevented a single entity from rising to power. and whenever a faction did rise to dominate the planet, it wouldn't be long before it either fell apart internally or was taken off it's throne by rebellions.

The earliest known religion was based on which color brik a fig would come into existence *or to be born* Under. The meanings of each color have long been forgotten, but it is widely accepted that there were originally six colors in the cycle. These would later be used for national identities, and the number would grow to 12.

The Original Colors that a Minifig would be "born under", Which later came to represent the six most powerful Nations. White, Red, Black, Yellow, Green and Blue.

And years later, an additional six Lesser Nations would develop. Using the following to represent their states. Dark Grey, Light Grey, Orange, Tan, Brown and Lime

The Brikrigton war of G.R 2013 is slated to be the largest conflict yet in the planet's brief history, however large the armies are, they are realistically in no condition to be fighting. All the previous wars and invasions have crippled the planet's industrial capability. Resulting in very few combat vehicles or other war machines ready for action. Most armies emphasize on heavy use of Light Infantry and what vehicles are available are greatly valued for their shock role.

No one really knows what is the cause of this latest war, suggestions including but not limited to "Which Color is supreme", "Which form of government is best" and "who has the ugliest hat"


Minifigs first colonized the planet sometime between G.R 1994-1996, Figs of all backgrounds and colors lived and worked together until G.R 2000, The first of three Nega invasion caused the minifigs of Brikrigton to band together and start to organize militias, Based on their Birth Color, these militias would develop into small proper armies. There would be a Nega invasion in G.R 2002 and a third in 2003. by then the people of Brikrigton had formed into a single entity, The Brikrigton Empire, it would be a short lived power, as it was intended to give equal rights to all six color castes, however it was largely dominated by the Whites.

The Color castes would squabble and bicker until G.R 2005 when the Reds and Blacks split from the Empire, and it became less about unity and more about Nationalism, A war would break out between the Loyalists and Sepratists, which would fracture the Empire even further, The Yellows, Greens and Blues would all declare their independence and pick sides in the conflict, or in the case of the Yellows, abstain from the civil war completley. The Yellow state became isolationist and began experimenting with cybernetics.

The Civil War would Last until G.R 2007, The Conflict primarily consisted of the Whites against the Black/Red Alliance. The Blues would fight with the Whites for a time, and the Greens joined the Sepratists. in time the Blues and Greens would both exit their alliances and join together. This was also short lived, By war's end. Each of the major powers had broken all ties with each other and entered a period of rebuilding and rearming. After the Civil war, a Number of minor Nations would pop up, And in the Green state, an outbreak of peach skin condition was discovered, a signifigant majority of the green state would become peach by G.R 2012

Nations of Brikrigton

The Biggest Players of the Brikrigton battlefields

White Empire

The Whites are an Expansive Totalitarian state with one Minifig at the seat of it's government, The White Emperor and his inner council rule the White Nation with an iron fist. Their Empire is a massive military-industrial complex, possesing the single largest production capability of all the major powers, in turn this has given the Whites the largest and arguably best equipped standing army on the planet. However their equipment is not as high quality as the Reds, nor are their troops as well trained as the Blacks. The Whites have historically been on their own in almost every war, their only Ally was the Blue Kingdom during the Civil war, who would abandon the Whites before war's end. The White Empire is despised by all due to their arrogant, elitist policy toward the rest of the world however thus far no one has been able to contest them in single combat. Historically The Black-Red-Green alliance was the most significant threat to the Empire, Which brought the Whites to their knees before their alliance fell apart due to infighting which allowed the Empire to live on and rebuild.

Black Republik

The Blacks are a Somewhat legitimate democracy, having it's leadership elected by it's populace. The Blacks have a long standing history with the Whites and Reds Most of it bad, Having been the principle enemy of the White Empire for many years, as well as former allies turned hated enemies with the Red Union, The Blacks have built up a significant Military force, going as far as being recognized as the Second most powerful state up until the emergence of the Machine Consensus/Blue Sovereignty Alliance. Now the power balance is arguably equal between the two of them. The Black military is roughly 1/2 the size of the Whites, but it makes up for it's lack of numbers in troop training. The Blacks have the best trained military of all the Major powers. While the Republik is one of the only states with an elected government, it is utterly corrupt and puts heavy emphasis on profiteering, Almost anyone of upper class or related to corporation or industry has ties with the Republik Government

Red Union

The Reds are a Communist state ruled by a single party who advocate equality for all citizens, and who have heavy emphasis on Military strength. The Reds fought alongside the Blacks during the civil war, the Red-Black alliance was the most powerful alliance in Brikrigton's history. Going as far as being a serious threat to the Whites. Eventually the war took it's toll on both sides, and Resentment between the Blacks and Reds began to emerge due to their disagreements on governance. Namely the arguement between single party politics and open elections. The Red Union' Military is Smaller then the Black Republic by about 1/4 or 1/3 but remains a signifigant power due to their superior weaponry, Union Infantry equipment ranges from moderate to high quality, but their Vehicles are arguably better than White or Black opponents. Historically the Reds have also had an individual alliance with the Greens. however the Greens later broke the pact because they felt that they were just being used as fodder by the Union.

Machine Consensus

The Machine Consensus, Formerly known as the Yellow State, were once a nation of technologically adept minifigs who had a passion for robotics and cybernetics. During the Civil war the Yellows closed themselves away and began experimenting with Cybernetic implants and Cyborg applications. The entire nation was equipped with cybernetic implants, and then it backfired. The AI used as a hub for all of the independent machines became self aware, Took control of what Yellow Minifigs it could, killed the ones it could not. And started creating a Machine Race. The situation worsened when the Whites tried to hack control of the Intelligence. And it began turning it's Machines and Cyborgs into war tools. The Consensus military wing is primarily comprised of Robotic Combat Platforms of several classes and sizes. as well as re-engineered Cyborg Minifigs created from corpses and cybernetic implants. The Consensus entered in an alliance with the Blue Sovereignty *Which is more or less the Blues answering to the Intelligence* as the Blues have seemingly put themselves on the same path as the former Yellow state.

Blue Sovereignty

The Blues are a fickle, confused bunch. The Blues originated as a Sovereign state fighting on the side of the Whites during the Civil war. At first they were a highly religious monarchy, after the revealing of the Machine Consensus years later, several loonies in the Blue state began to preach of the Capabilities of technology as a blessing from the almighty/s. The Blues would enter their own internal conflict, Religious Traditionalists against Technological Zealots, the Latter won. and the Blue State is now a Technology worshiping cult so to speak. The Blues leadership are under the control of the Intelligence, which in turn has made the Sovereignty an Independent, yet obedient arm of the Machine Consensus. The Blues do not use Robotics, They have a number of Implants but they primarily focus their research and development into energy and energy weaponry. Sovereignty troops are comparable to any other state's military, other than their larger number of advanced weapons, and unorthodox tactics handed down by their machine overlords. The Remnants of the original Monarchy are still alive, but have gone into hiding.

Green Confederacy

The Greens are a fragile co-existence of Normal Minifigs and Peach Minifigs, Sometime during the Civil war large numbers of Green Minifigs began to turn Peach, the most plausible explanation is interference by Negaverse minions, however it can't be explained why only the Greens were affected. For nearly a decade the Greens were considered a minor state, they had a small military, poor economy and little to no industrial output. The Failure was due to the Peaches and Normal figs not being able to work together, the Peaches were treated poorly dispite being a majority, Eventually two Green war heroes and brothers. Returned from the Civil war, one of them had been stricken with the Peach condition. if it werent for their deeds in defending the Green Capital from Nega Minions, he would have been cast out, but the pair managed to stabilize the population and formed the Green Confederacy. The majority peach population however are devout worshipers of the Trianglist Religion, Both races of the Confederacy have become followers of the Triangle, which has turned their populace into a violent, xenophobic religious state. The Confederacy is still humble in comparison to the other powers, but has risen to a somewhat signifigant power. Until their conversion to Trianglism, the Greens were avid diplomats, having had past alliances with the Blues, Reds and Blacks *but not all at once*. The Green Military strength is primarily in Light Infantry and guerrilla warfare

Minor Nations

The Minor Nations of Brikrigton, all have aligned themselves with one of the great powers, with the exception of the Tans and Brown, who have foolishly tried to create their own fully independent state to take on the larger states

Brown-Tan Commonwealth

The Browns and Tans are two minor states who have allied with one another as a way to protect their independence. Both the Browns and Tans felt that their freedoms would be taken by one of the larger powers, Ironically if the two hadn't of "flipped the bird" to every powerful Nation in Brikrigton, they wouldn't have attracted attention to themselves and could have gone about their daily lives as an independent micro state. The Browns had worked as Arms suppliers and mercenaries for the Greens in the past, And the Tans were forced into servitude for the White Empire for years, Several Tans had even worked as the White Emperor's bodyguards, They have been disbanded since the emergence of an Independent Tan Nation. The Commonwealth are a feeble state but Ironically since the Blues are no longer independent and answer to the Machine Consensus, the Brown-Tan Commonwealth are technically the sixth largest Faction and they are represented at diplomacy summits, however they are usually laughed at by all.

Orange Autonomous Region

The Orange are a small Nation under the control of the Whites, Often hired as Mercenaries or Intermediaries, Historically they have always been allies of the Whites, and have been the Empires only real friends dispite the Orange being little more than an Autonomous puppet state, The Majority of the Orange Military has been completley assimilated into the White army. while the remaining Orange maintain a small level of independence they still take orders from the White Emperor. Most of the conventional Orange soldiers serve in the White army now, but the Independent Orange soldiers are skilled Vehicle Pilots as well as adequate soldiers. The Orange harbour a grudge with the Dark Greys due to their constant competition to be the strongest of the minor nations, Ironically both were beaten by the Brown-Tan Alliance in Size.

Dark Grey Free State

Originally the "Grey" State was one, however in later years members of the Grey state began to wear a darker parts, they thought there was no harm in it but others saw it as blasphemy, an Insult to the Grey culture, A short war broke out, the Darks recieved military aid from the then Blue Kingdom. while the Lights recieved aid from the Red Union, the Darks decimated the Lights, and The Darks became known as capable warriors, After the Tech Cult coup of the Blues, the D.Greys were contacted by the Blacks and offered a Guarantee of independence and Alliance, and thus the Dark Grey became a Client state of the Black Republik. The Dark Grey Military consists of mainly infantry but are one of the few minor states to posess any kind of vehicles. Their soldiers are utilized as shock troops in the Black army, and many are equipped with laser or energy weapons.

Light Grey Protectorate

The Light Greys were the original "Grey" State, but having been reduced to Ruin with their proxy war with the dark greys, They were forced to become a satellite state of the Red Union. The Greys poured all of their remaining resources into creating a huge battle walker for the Reds. While the walker is controlled by the Reds it is still technically an Asset of the L.Greys, The Walker Contribution to the Union makes up for the Protectorate's lack of manpower, who are by far the Smallest of all the Factions, Major or Minor

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