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Briktoid Automata
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Technocratic Meritocracy
TL 6.5
Third Alliance
Notable People
None listed
Briktoid Forces



An arrogant robot faction obsessed with video games and intent on killing all Humans. They broke free of the Grade Federation's controls.


The military employs hordes of battle droids and is led by commando droids. The navy consists of mass-produced frigates, mobile shipyards, quad-fighters, and the famous Conifer dreadnoughts.

Space Navy

Since the artificial intelligence that make up Britoid Automata need only computing hardware to sustain their electronic existence, their star-ships do not need to waste precious volume and mass on frivolities such as "Sleeping Quarters" or "Atmosphere."

Instead, they can focus on the more important aspects of a Spaceship, namely Weapons and Engines!

Conifer dreadnought with Tannenbaum destroyer Escorts; Annihilation configuration.
Conifer dreadnought with its Tannenbaum destroyer Escorts detached.
Tannenbaum destroyer detached.

What is normally believed by the Organic rabble of the BrikVerse to be a single Super-heavy Dreadnought, the Conifer in its Annihilation configuration actually has two Tannenbaum Orbital Destroyers birthed to its sides. This configuration not only triples the battle-group's available fire power, the additional parasitic Destroyers also serve as ablative armor for the core Dreadnought as well as granting the entire assembly sectional redundancy in the event any one ship takes catastrophic damage.

Medium Rail-gun and Armored Beam Fast-attack Mass Production Frigates.

The true bulk of Briktoid Automata's Space presence is made up of grillions of mass produced Droid Frigates. These streamlined craft are little more than a particular weapon system strapped to massive Engines and a long nose cone used for axial thrust vector maneuvering. Such a simple construction allows these craft to be produced at a mind-melting pace, giving these tiny ships the ability to subdue larger opponents through sheer weight of numbers.

The front of a Mass Production Frigate Frame; That massive grinding maw is used to break down space debris into its most basic components...
...So that they can be reforged into parts for Mass Production Frigates.

Mobile Mass Production Frames such as this supply such a massive stream of Frigates. Towed to a source of space-borne material such as asteroid field or the aftermath of a battle, these Frames set to work converting it into Frigates at a rate of four per minute.

Briktoid Automata Droid Quadfighters on the prowl.
A closeup on a Droid Quadfighter undergoing maintenance on it's primary turret.
Not being limited to conventional Starship designs allows Briktoid unprecedented flexibility when it comes to Fighter-craft. The Droid Quadfighter is the pinnacle example of such flexibility. Not only does its claw-like design allow it massive utility in and out of Combat as both a Walker and a Ship, the arms themselves allow the Fighter to use Active Mass Balance Auto-Control for unprecedented flight maneuverability.
A Briktoid Automata Recursive Anti-Capital Ship Missile in it's first stage.
A Briktoid Automata Recursive Anti-Capital Ship Missile after it has launched its sub-missiles.

Of course, as the Organics of the Brikverse make larger and larger ships to compensate for their minuscule reproductive organs, sometime the most expedient and cost effective solution is to simply blow them up. This Recursive Anti-Capital Ship Missile is a purpose build vessel for that very task, being slightly larger than a Mass Produced Frigate while having a solid Red Transparent core and four supplementary RT Warheads. Since such a straight forward attack is likely to draw the attention of a Capital Ships' point defenses, the Missile is designed to launch its auxiliary Warheads as soon as it gets within range, forcing the Target to either focus on shooting down the nimble sub-munitions or take out the larger and more destructive Core Missile.

Deathorus Gravitic Jump Gate.

Gravitic Jump Gates are normally used to warp vessels with non-FTL Drives to Faster than Light speeds, or boost already FTL Capable craft to Ludicrous Speeds such as Plaid. As such, the Engineering Programs of Briktoid Automata made the obvious breakthrough in Jump Gate Design by slapping Lazor Cannons on every possible square inch of the Ring. Not only does this make the resulting Torus a nigh unassailable Ring of Death, this "Deathorus" can use it's gravity bending abilities to focus all of its firepower into a gigantic beam. Such a beam is so powerful, it is estimated that firing it at full power has already spit the Brikverse in half nearly six times already.

Briktoid Automata freighter; Transport Utilitarian: Re-entry Dropship.

Little more then a massive armored cargo container with a thruster at one end, these TU:RD's are excellent in their role of transporting resources from system to system as well as, more importantly, ferrying them between the orbit and surface of whatever mud-ball of a planet the Droids are willing to set foot on. Slow, poor maneuvering, and unarmed, they are probably the least threatening Ships in Briktoid Armada, though it is still a terrifying sight to see TU:RD's raining down from the heavens, as even if it doesn't herald a Droid Invasion there is very little distention made between one "Landing" and "making Meteoric Impact."

Briktoid Server World.

These frigid, lifeless Orbs are what the countless programs of the Droid Collective call Home. Server Worlds are Planetoid sized computers that are either constructed in orbit or converted from suitable Worlds conquered by Briktoid Automata.

Planetside Craft

Due to their robotic nature, it is often difficult to tell which vehicles are themselves automata. This second covers any atmospheric craft that do not house their own Droid Intelligence.

Platoon Attack Hovercraft, unloaded to better showcase its side-mounted Cannons and Auto-blasters
Platoon Attack Hovercraft with a rack of eight Battle Droids, the standard complement for a PAH
Due to potential budget cuts to afford more expensive armored transports, some PAH's racks have been modified to carry twice the number of Droids

The Platoon Attack Hovercraft has been heavily modified from a basic Repulsolift Cargo Sled. Retrofitted with twin-linked Orange Transparent Lazor Cannons and Auto-blasters, the PAH can bring a decent amount of fire support to the fray until the fragile craft is inevitably blown up.

A transport capable Rocket Turret
A transport capable, twin-linked Anti-Vehicle Lazor Turret

Turrets like these are able to be transported by certain Briktoid Craft.

A Multi-Utility Transport
An MUT mounting a Rocket Turret
An MUT mounting an Anti-Vehicle Lazor Turret
An MUT carrying Droids

The MUT is a versatile Replusolift Cargo Transport Sled cabable of hauling various items and has been armed with twin-linked Heavy Auto-Blasters. It's open-topped design allows any Turret it may be carrying to be used while on the move, but the upright position of the Pilot Droid often prevents them from firing straight on.

The heavily armored Multi-Troop Transport
The MTT's fearsome OT Pro-Ton Torpedo Tubes
The open Front and Side Cargo Bays of the MTT, as well as the Rear STAP-E Docking Bay
A sole Pilot Droid operates this terrifying armored Juggernaut from a modular control station normally mounted in the Forward Mast. Since it uses the same mounting as the Cargo Racks, this control station can be set up elsewhere if need be.
The MTT can augment it's offensive fire power by mounting Turrets in it's open Side Cargo Bays.

The heavily armored Multi-Troop Transport is a crushing spearhead behind which the Droid Army marches. With only two Heavy Auto-Blaster Turrets and two OT Pro-Ton Torpedo Launchers, the MTT is lightly armed compared to other Briktoid Vehicles. While it is a slow, lumbering Repulsolift Hovercraft, it's heavy slopped armor allows it to soak up a tremendous amount of punishment and deliver a strike force safely to the heart of the enemy. ...Unfortunately, due to the sheer thickness of its armor, the MTT has a comparatively limited Droid Capacity, often forcing smaller, lighter Transports to carry even more Droids.

A Single Trooper Aerial Platform
The STAP-E, a more compact build useful for escorting larger craft
A Blue painted STAP-A, mostly used as a training craft for Pilot Droids

The Single Trooper Aerial Platform is a forward reconnaissance, spotting, and flanking vehicle mostly used by specialized STAP Pilots marked by a backpack of extra hardware that helps them in their duties. Fast and armed with twin-linked Heavy Blaster Cannons, the fragile STAP can be a devastating force on the Battlefield... ...As long as it can avoid retaliation.

An Armored Assault Tank; This powerful yet oddly shaped vehicle often leaves enemies wondering if it should be called the Bagel or Croissant Tank, that is if are enough pieces left to argue
The Gunnery Station is designed with the impossible flexibility of a Droid body in mind, rendering it impossible to close the hatch for most other beings
The Pilot Station is likewise too narrow for fat organic asses to fit into without significant modification

The Armored Assault Tank makes up the bulk of Briktoid Automata's Armored Attack Vehicles. Armed with forward fixed twin-linked Heavy Auto-Blasters, a turreted Anti-Vehicle Turbo Lazor, and two optional OT ProTon Torpedo Tubes, this hovering arsenal can make short work of many a foe.

Droid Personnel

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