Brikwater Rentacop Inc.

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Brikwater Rentacop Inc.
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Mercenary Company
TL 5
Small Empire
Notable People
Overview of Brikwater forces.

Brikwater is semi-futuristic and is sort of a rent-a-cop organization.

Tango Squad is trained to kill, but quietly. It consists of four snipers, one operative with a different uniform (so that they can deny any knowledge of him and it will be believable), one scout, a spotter for the snipers, and two men with energy based weapons that let off no noise whatsoever.

Zeta Squad's job is almost the exact opposite of that of Tango Squad. That is, they are go up and personal. They excel in indoor firefights in tight hallways. This squad consists of two guys with P90s and OTCs, an officer/hero with a pistol, a guy with a combat shotgun, two men with submachine guns, three with various small arms and proton packs (for dealing with the supernatural, or those pesky cowards that hide behind cover)

Xephos Squad consists of minifigs whose job is to pump as many rounds as physically possible into whoever they happen to be fighting. There are also three Mk.II Devastator drones, armed with one of the following; a rocket launcher, an explosive sniper cannon, and a oversized minigun.

Spati Squad are equipped to fight in space. They have zero-g thrusters, extended life-support, and magnetic boots. Six of them have, in essence, a ray gun. It releases a deadly stream of invisible radiation that devastates living tissue and melts metal. The attachment on the bottom of the weapon produces a short range EMP burst, which is quite devastating in space. The other three guys have Type-2 hand phasers.

A Bishop VTOL transport. The black troops in the first photo have the torsos here.
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