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Stages of Butthurt

Stage one: IDC lol :) - You try to pull off that you don't care about people posting about you. In fact, even thanking the posters for giving you attention. Pushaw! Show your fans that you're better than that. Note: During this time you will have inflated ego, and an urge to write a poem to the poster giving thanks to them. Luckily this is the shortest stage of all and will likely last a week at most.

Stage two: BLACK RAGE!! - Forget being nice, the mod hasn't deleted that post yet after a whole five minutes and it's time to bring out your inner fat Russian kid. Post anti-trinagle furry dapper porn on DeviantArt and see how those rapscallions like that! This of course will only bring out more lulz. You will no doubt send your buddies to spam the forum on your behalf, bringing down even moar lulz. To show them who's the bees knees, make a youtube video of you and your little brother rapping about how much triangles suck.

Stage three: BAAAAAAAAAAWW!!! - Start saying on livejournal that your mood is sad :(. Make big rants about how your life sucks and how no one likes you. Contrary to popular belief, other forumites will only edit the pictures of you looking sad that you posted to make it look like mudkips are raping your face. Bonus points if you mention you are bipolar and hear voices.

Stage four: God - Why be mad when you could be a martyr? You will begin saying you forgive the poster because it's what Jesus would do. Similar to stage one, only you add in that everyone on the forum will burn in hell anyways so it doesn't matter lol. :D

Stage five: ??????????? - ???????????????

Stage six: Profit! - !!!!11one!

Link to original forum thread

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