Cheatos Dust

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Cheatos Dust is a dense, orange powder which is most often encountered by minifigs as delicious castoff from disgusting Human fingers. Or maybe that's toes. Minifigs are never sure which is which. The dust tends to settle and stick to everything. Attempts to clean the substance with anything other than saliva often just result in further smearing. Briks so smeared take on a new, ground in orange coloration and it becomes even more difficult to get them clean. Minifigs so smeared, or minifigs who breathe in or lick up copious quantities of the stuff, tend to become ravenously addicted to it. Side effects include scurvy, shitting briks, and death. On the plus side, becoming addicted to Cheatos grants the minifig intensely potent, but wildly unpredictable and all too temporary, big damn cheatyface superpowers. Before his painful, scurvy-ridden demise, he becomes a Hero for the briefest, shiniest moment. Strangely, all recorded last words of these addicts are the exact same, the death cry, "Worth It!" This odd detail has lead some BrikScholars to infer a binding Mythikal connection between the Dust itself and the Humans it comes from.

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