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Class A Planet
Tharcan Galaxy
Diameter: 14.000 km
Controlled By
M-Throne Empire
Chronians: 60.000.000 (appr.)

Other M-Thronians: <100.000 (appr.)

Key Locations
Main Cloning Center, XDW Research Facility, Palace, Chrone Imperial Base

Chrone is a stand alone planet system in the Tharcan galaxy. The planet is the homeworld of the Chronians. Chronians are thought to be the decedents of the DSM colonists from Galaxia Nehellenium. The planet is controlled by the M-Throne Empire.



Early history of the planet is not well known. Prior to the colonization the planet was probably orbiting a star which was exploded with a supernova since a trace radiation can be observed on the planet. The planet should have been very distant to its former star because the planet has a very unique type of life on it. The atmosphere is full of Lila-violet colored microorganisms that produce light. Although the planet is not orbiting a star today it is illuminated by its own atmosphere. The planets young core still produce heat to increase the surface temperature to an average level of 25oC. The planet is covered with %80 land and %20 water.

Order of Chrone

Emblem of the Order

Order of Chrone is a state that controlled Chrone System for more than four hundred years. After joining the M-Throne Empire the order become a semi-autonomous government. In the emblem of the Order, the DSM logo can be seen in the middle surrounded by the silhouette of a particle creating core.

The order is ruled by a small council that contains a total of four members. This council is called the High Council of Chrone. The head of the state and the council is called High Lord of Chrone. Other members are minister of internal affairs, minister of foreign affairs and minister of technology. Members are selected with a democratic voting if a member dies, quits or High Lord thinks that he is incapable of maintaining the position. The officials of the Order and Chronian civilians outside Chrone wear dark purple / yellow colored uniforms in accordance with the emblem.

Chrone uniform scheme.

Science and Technology

The Chronians are very interested in science and technology. With advanced genetics and nanotechnology that expand their lifespan to hundreds of years. Practically they are able to stop aging.

Chrone cloning facilities.

They abandoned the normal breeding rituals hundred years ago and they produce clones as their ancestors. Sometimes married couples design their own children with mixing their genes to create new clones. Other than manipulated clone children the government also produce a small amount of standard clones for the military duties. Production of standard clones is limited after the joining of the M:Throne Empire. The clone production technology is different than the technology used by the Minerse civilization. The cloning units in Chrone the clones do not grow naturally instead they are constructed. The cloning units consist of a cloning core and a cloning tank. In the cloning core the new cells are produced according to the gen coding and transported to the clone tanks. In the tanks the bodies are constructed in the cloning tanks cell by cell. The cloning core use materials from the nutrient tanks.

One of the most important inventions of the Chronians is the particle creating core. The core can produce subatomic particles using dark energy instead of normal energy. The created particles are fused to atoms using particle fusion device.

Chronians mainly use energy weapons and no projectile weapons. Sonic weapons are also used. Before the joining to the M-Throne Empire they had interplanetary missiles but they abandoned these weapons in accordance of the Imperial Law.


Picture of a Chrone soldier.

The military of the Order consist of a small planatery force and a limited space force. The forces are relatively small but equiped with high tech weapons and vehicles.

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