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(People can add their own empires or those they find relevant as they create new pages for them.)
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[[The Great Scythian Empire]]
[[The Great Scythian Empire]]
[[Military of United Nations]]
== StarShip Civilizations ==
== StarShip Civilizations ==

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Many civilizations exist in the BrikVerse. Some are listed here.

Dominions & Empires

The Great Scythian Empire

Military of United Nations

StarShip Civilizations

Aennri, the Green Autocracy

Fleyor, the Pink Pansies

Johar, the Yellow Raiders

Kirsiti, the White Knights

Kraan, the Black Empire

Meikon, the Blue Federation

Pantus, the Grey Threat

Rios, the Orange Conspiracy

Setvia, the Red Robot Socialist Republik

See also

Species and subspecies

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