Coalition of AJAX-4

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The Coalition of AJAX-4
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Planetary Government
Tek Level 5
Controls Ajax-4
None listed

Nega Genus

Notable People
President Mc'Bawlsy

The planet of Ajax-4 is soaked with blood. On the night before the Grand Navy was launched from the southern continent of Kreen a deluge of radioactive asteroids pummeled the south into a smoke chocked wasteland this event is known as the Storm. Many months passed before the firestorms abated and the dust settled. When the firestorms stopped and the ash settled the coalition forces sent to rescue surviving civilians and secure the continent mistook the turned civilians to be a invading force of peaches trying to capitalize on the devastation. a bloody genocide ensued as the confused civilians where cut down. the survivors of the first contact genocides later organized the Peach Resistance that now plagues the coalition. rather then admit their failure the Intelligence Corps. instead urged the president to capitalize on this war to purge the peoples of peach sentiments. President Mc'Bawlsy jumped at the chance and put out the 'official story' of the peach invasion, calling on the civilians of ajax to help throw out the abominations. Scores of civilians jumped to answer the call filling the ranks of the Ground Pounders to bursting. the army now marches from the beaches of Kreen into the massive ruins of the space ports, determined to root out the horrid peaches and what ever other mutants they can find. they are supported by the Green Rangers a race of green skinned minifigs from the only other inhabited planet in the Ajax system. seasoned by the wars they wage against the Negablok monsters that infest their planet the Green Rangers of Greenstople [aka Ajax-3] are an invaluable asset.

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