Crack-Cola Company

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Distinctions: Fortune 666, Dow Jones
CEO: Muter Kent
Country: United Systems Alliance
NYSE: KO 40.66 -0.09 (-0.22%)

"Open happyness."

The Crack-Cola Company is an international beverage corporation that manufactures, sells, and markets non-alcholic drinks, concentrates, and syrups throughout the BrikVerse. It is best known for its Crack-Cola soda, a carbonated drink invented in G.R. 1886 and packaged in a distinctive glass bottle. The success of Crack-Cola is mostly due to the addictive cocaine added to the drink which keeps customers coming back for more. The Crack-Cola Company is proud to say that many of its customers never abandon the brand once they get a taste.

A sinister Crack-Cola factory as featured in the MNGG City-Block battle.

The Crack-Cola Company is a fierce competitor with PopsiCo, which produces the rival drug-free soda Popsi-Cola. In response to the USA's Drug Enforcement Agency cracking down on Crack-Cola's shipments of crack, the company partnered with the Space Mafia to secure a reliable supply of the key ingredient. Many have criticized the company for its deceptive marketing and underhanded retention methods. Michelle Obama especially spearheaded an effort to get the sugary, drug-laden drink out of schools, a move Crack-Cola resisted heavily.

The Crack-Cola Company tried to change the formula for Crack-Cola to New Coke, but the move failed miserably - Crack-Cola immediately reverted to its original recipe. It also started producing Diet Coke, a soft drink with less sugar and no cocaine when compared to normal Crack-Cola.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: $46.9 trillion -2.4%
Profits: $8.58 billion -4.8%
Total Assets: $90.1 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: $33.2 trillion
Market Value: $170.3 trillion
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