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Crystalline System
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Crystalline is a dark and cold world, once colonized many years ago and located in the Crystalline System. The planet is covered in deserts, and full of forests of green and blue crystals. The skies are often dark and full of lightning storms. There is barley any chance of landing on the planet without crashing to your death.

There was a massive colony ship in the system flying over the planet. It flew in too close, and came crashing down into the atmosphere and crash-landed onto the surface. The colonists devolved from civilized people into cyber-barbarians, building tribes across the blue sands of the world and utilizing the technology from the ship. They often go to war and battle one another. It is in a constant dark age.


BC = before crash, AC = after crash

10,000,000 BC: Planet forms, first lifeforms evolve, small green and orange transparent bugs and scorpions.

8,000,000 BC: Rock monsters evolve, eating crystals far beneath the planet's surface.

210 BC: (BR 1,774) Colony ship sets off from its unknown homeworld, carrying over twenty thousand colonist families, enough to jump-start an entire civilization, leave their over-populated world, all in cryo-sleep, not to wake up until they have landed.

0 BC: (BR 1,984) The ship is pulled into the atmosphere of the planet Crystalline, where it crashes. The colonists awaken, many die in their cryotubes as the systems fail. Those who make it out escape the burning wreckage of the ship find that there is much chaos outside as they are attacked by giant crystal scorpions, but whatever marines were alive manage to fight them off. There is some infighting and many of the colonists go their separate ways. Ragnar Grimfrost, the marine commander, takes with him several of his men and colonists out into the desert. The ones who remained, the miners, built a shantytown around the ship out of spare parts, and used whatever means they had to stay alive, along with beginning to mine the nearby crystals and dig underground, expanding their village.

1 AC: The Miner Civil War. The miners began to fight among themselves, and after several skirmishes, left. They became the Raiders. The loyalist Miners were led by Evz Oknor, who they proclaimed their leader. Many other Miners decided to leave during this time, building their own tribes out in the desert. Others go too far underground, becoming the first mutants. Ragnar and his men finish building a base camp around a massive crystal, of which they use to try and contact another world to try and rescue them. It is no use.

2 AC: Ragnar and his woman give birth to Velgar Grimfrost. More and more civilians flock to the Grimfrost marine basecamp to avoid Raiders and dangerous creatures. Ragnar, designated their leader, after the basecamp became an overcrowded shantytown, orders whoever is fit enough to begin drilling out the giant crystal the camp was built around in order to expand the city.

5 AC: A horde of mutants scrambles to the surface through tunnels beneath the Miner village, killing many. Evz Oknor, along with several marines, hold off the tide of beasts, until the mutants retreated to their holes.

9 AC: The giant crystal within the Grimfrost camp is hallowed out, people begin to move inside of it. Grimfrost scientists discover how to use the crystal's energy to provide the new city with electricity. It is renamed from Camp Grimfrost to Grimfrost City.

13 AC: The Raiders attack Grimfrost City. Ragnar falls in battle. They fend off the Raiders, and make their new leader a marine named Alion Wave.

18 AC: Velgar turns 17, and kills Alion after hearing him mock his father, and reclaims the Grimfrosts. He now calls their city Grimfrost Imperial City (Abbreviated as GIC), and seeks to unite the entire planet under his rule, and in the future generations create the Grimfrost Empire.

19 AC: Velgar rides out with his newly-organised military and unites several Crys-uit tribes under his banner. He tries to reason with Evz Oknor to have the Miners become a part of his empire, but Evz refuses, knowing many of the Crys-uit tribes around the wreckage of the ship, along with the city beneath, want to remain independent. Velgar gets angry, wanting all on this world to unite, he only wants what is best for everyone, thus sparking the Miner-Grimfrost conflict.

21 AC: Battle of the Terran Forest, a fight between the armored tanks and mechs of the Miners and the Grimfrosts within a large crystal forest. Many had died. The forest is still littered with debris.

22 AC: The Grimfrost Empire begins to expand its city across the sands, absorbing a few Crys-uit tribes and spreading around several forests, along with building several fortresses and smaller cities out of crystal and stone. The scientists also attempt to develop a way to cease the storms on the planet so that they may try and send a satellite up into orbit.

23 AC: The Battle of Mutant's Drift, when during a skirmish between Miners and Grimfrosts, the Mutants rise up from beneath the surface again. Both sides united for three whole days to hold back the tide before the mutants gave up and returned to where ever they had come from.

24 AC: The Grimfrost Civil War begins, when a few teams of terrorists went to the center of GIC and set off explosives. They were immediately under fire by the Grimfrostian military. The rebels preform hit-and-run attacks on several Grimfrost key structures and random buildings, along with having a few firefights with the military in the streets of the city of Bycliff. Another battle is The siege of the Fang, when the Miners besieged the Grimfrostian fortress of Fang and took it as their own. After the battle had ended, the chroniclers within GIC dub the war the Griminer war.

25 AC: Both the civil war and the Griminer war continue. Grimfrostian scientists make an advancement in their research, causing a lightning storm just over GIC to cease for ten minutes.

26 AC: The wars continue. Evz Oknor meets with an agent of the Grimfrostian rebels, Eth Thran, within a small Inn located within a crystal forest. They made an alliance. Evz and a handful of his men went into the GIC through the sewers and helped the rebellion command and leaders fight their way out of the city. Once they did this the Miners and rebels all met within the underground Miner city and allied up. At this moment all other rebel units on the planet fought their way to the wreckage of the colony ship and joined them.

27 AC: (BR 2,011) The Grimfrost Empire covers half of the planet, and has many cities and towns constructed. The Grimfrost military moves in and attacks the Miner homecity and the wreckage of the colony ship. Evz Oknor is captured and was brought to the dungeons beneath the Imperial City. The Miner civilians were taken to the nearest Grimfrostian city. The entire wreckage of the colony ship was brought to the GIC so that it could be studied. What was left of the Miner and rebel alliance regroups and makes their way to the Raider headquarters, where they make an alliance with the Raider chief. He agrees and they form the Oknorian Alliance. Within the Imperial forge-city of Industone, using the technology from the recovered wreckage, the Grimfrostian military and engineers begin construction of the first starfleet, Navis Silex Imperialis I, made up of a capitol ship, a dreadnought and several frigates, with two fighter and bomber squadrons for each. The Grimfrost scientists, in late G.R. 2.011, were able to clear the skies over the city for three days, allowing them to send several satellites into orbit, along with sending a shuttle to the moon, which was colonized by a small research team. They propose that by the end of the year they will be able to clear the skies for good and make them safe. Industone is attacked by the Alliance, damaging many of the ships being built.

The Alliance was able to steal several ships and fly them back to their headquarters. The Empire's first fleet, Navis Silex Imperialis I, ships off, and brings many more colonists to the moon. The first ships hang around in the planet's orbit for several weeks before more ships are constructed to protect the system before Navis I heads off into the universe. The Alliace builds several ships of their own, rescues Evz Oknor from prison, and makes their own way into space.

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