Crystalline System

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Crystalline System
Star System
Key Resources
Any Known
Controlled By
Grimfrost Empire

Oknorian Alliance

None listed
Key Locations

The Crystalline is a system consisting of several planets, most of them belonging to the Grimfrost Empire. The capitol of the system is the planet Crystalline. By early BR 2,012, the Grimfrost Empire and Oknorian Alliance have spread throughout the system.

Crystalline: See Crystalline.

  • Crys Secondus: The forest moon, holding a big colony of the Grimfrost Empire.

Endi: Known as "The First Colony". A moon. A vast Grimfrost city covers its lunar surface. The world it orbits, Delfost, is inhospitable.

Dejoya: A desert world covered in several colonies. There are a few Alliance hideouts here.

Ezi: A jungle planet covered in mountains, rainforests, deserts, and full of dangerous creatures. The Empire stays clear of it, but the Oknorian Alliance moved its headquarters here.

Ugoh: The Steel World. As of BR 2,012, this entire world has been conquered by the Grimfrost Empire, and the majority of the world is covered in vast arcologies, the rest of the planet is ash wastes full of pollution.

Troodu: A mining world, with a large asteroid belt. The Grimfrost Empire now gets all of its resources from here.

Amaranth: An ocean world with several island chains. Quite a few cities were built here.

Angel: A fortress world, constructed to protect the Empire from without. There are many defense space stations in orbit around the planet.

Baal: A farm world. most of the system's food comes from this planet. Most of the vegetation is red, and there are vast forests of red trees with red, orange, and yellow leaves surrounding the Blood Mountains.

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