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From the original advertisement:

Broadcasting LIVE from the Doom Moon of Dis some random weekend, inspired by concepts from Quantum, Colette, and Natalya and sponsored by Dissonance Industries and Entertainment, comes the ultimate in face smashing, gut wrenching, LDD based death games!

Join heroes and challengers alike from across the breadth of BrikWarsian space and time and watch them fight to the death in a cold hard, steel box! Revel in their struggles to prove dominance! Got a beef with some moron on the forums? PUNISH HIM! Have a good friend you actually get along with quite well? PUNISH HIM!

Now you don't need 15,000 minifigs or a 15 page argument to prove you're cooler than everyone else! You only BRIKWAR!

Come before midnight and get 5CP off your drinks at the Four Rums! Pick your poison and douse your enemies in the fires of your undying hatred! Viewers at home: Don't forget to Like and Subscribe!


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

The Death Bowl Arena is a simple, highly reinforced, colossal steel box. Combatants willingly go in alive, hoping for victory in battle, but they don't always come out that way. Talks for secondary or even tertiary Arenas are underway at D.I.E. (to expand the brand) but, for now, there is only one Arena. To compensate, the DB creators have devised several event types and Complications (modifications to the arena that forcibly alter battle strategies) to keep the games fresh and the seats full.


Death Bowl Arena External View

Each of the walls, each of the corners, the floor, and the ceiling are all grouped for ease of Hiding and unobstructed screenshoting. Each Wall and each Corner is also color coded, for those to whom such a thing might be useful in quickly identifying the appropriate sections for Hiding. Also shown are two random minifigs for scale and an example swivel mounted ruler measuring approximately seven inches.


Death Bowl Arena Internal View

The Arena is split into nine zones: a central zone, four cardinal direction narrow zones, and four broad corner zones. These zones are used variously, depending on the Death Bowl Game Type. There are several drainage grates, including the eyes of the skull, near the center and edges of the arena to collect the blood and guts between each fight. There are four entrances to the Arena, one at each cardinal direction. They are situated several inches above the floor to assist in zero gravity fights but are not far enough away from the floor to cause harm when the AG is turned on. Each entrance gate is extremely reinforced, opening from the top and bottom only at the beginning and end of an event.


Death Bowl Arena Perspective View

A better view of the entrance gates, the lights above each, and the girders and power conduits which run throughout the arena. This view also helps give a sense of scale as the studs are easier to make out.


Death Bowl Arena Total Perspective

Here only a couple of the walls and one corner are Hidden. Combatants have been placed in the center of the arena to show the scale of the interior. Clearly, in this example, two Complications are being utilized. The Artificial Gravity has been turned on and the combatants are grounded. Also, the power conduits in the floors and walls are being used to create Force Walls, impassable barriers which exist to make the combatant's lives hell.

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