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Death Walls

A Death Wall is a huge wall with heavy defenses on it that makes lesser minifigs shit their pants when they're forced to march towards it. It has to have seen at least approximately a fuckton of minifigs die before it deserves the title death wall (see: Natalya's Death Wall, the Walls of Fico, Starkeep, Lion's Maw, or the Walls of Kerrat).

Alternately, a death wall can be a wall so useless it actually gets those defending it killed more quickly and crumbles apart at the slightest assault, but is still appreciated because of the amount of carnage it allows, or even causes. (see the Bavarian Gustav Line or the Brittanian Wall of Fort Maren.)

Death walls may not suffer from Big Gray Wall syndrome.

Possible Uses:

  • To hold a perimeter or line in a battle.
  • A convenient place to pile corpses.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Assaulting or defending a Death Wall is similar to a castle siege but may involve somewhat different approaches due to the dimensions of the defensive line. A death wall serves only in this capacity. A castle or other defensive installation may, however, employ death walls.
  • Bring something nasty to the party or you may not be able to pierce the defensive hail of enemy fire or the wall itself.
  • Prepare for heavy fire and a total lack of cover on approach when assaulting.
  • Learn to pick your targets wisely when defending.


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