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Dilanskis dad.jpg

Dilanski's Manly Dad has become an icon throughout the BrikWars Forums for true grit and courage of bearded action hero proportions. This accolade is owing to the heroic feat of his single-handed rescue of a Princess from the Evuul Kittah Molesters. Ever since, Dilanski's dad has had to keep his identity a secret in case of reprisals from the agents of Evuul. It is Warhead's belief that if Dilanski's dad doesn't sport a beard, then he should jolly well give it some consideration.

Among Dilanski's Dad's many items of crime fighting equipment are the Tattered Slippers of Torment, the Open Bathrobe of Regret, and the dread College Fund of Sarcasm.


Dilanski's dad at home

Dilanski's dad at work

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