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[[Category:Beastiary|Theology and Philosophy]]
[[Category:Theology and Philosophy]]

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Minifig Dimmies, uniformed in the T-shirts and baseball caps of the human fratboys they seek to emulate, destroy quality construction wherever they find it; gradually turning the Lego world into an endless waste of shoddily-assembled piles of random elements. This is viewed as the ultimate escape from the materialism, desire, standards, and expectations of minifig society. This Mystical Juniorism is sometimes seen as an attractive option by minifigs who have become depressed by Critical Failure during a crucial opportunity for righteous destruction.

True Dimmies where created by an adjunct professor named Cypher in the Myjstik Mountain Time Lab in G.R. 1,996, using Negaverse radiation to transform innocent minifigs who had been unwittingly exposed to Nega genetiks deep in the past. Their particular mutation is one of very few that have been known to form a growth on the head known as a noze. Dimmies can never sleep but can still get tired thus in order to keep awake they destroy all the trappings of civilization in their way.

Minifigs wishing to join in with the Dimmies must complete the four tasks of mayhem before they will be mutated in the ABS surgical chambers and become half dimmies, the hapless foot soldiers of their pure blooded masters.

Dimmies, despite appearances, are not Undead, since even re-animated skeletons have more brains than they do. (They are a lesser subtype known as "scum of the earth", a position they share with Jaw-Jaws and Nega-Blokians.)

It has since become apparent that BoB is the true Messiah of all the Dimmies sent to unite them and lead them to war. Dimmies from all across the Brikverse flock to BoB and pledging their total allegiance. A vast army is amassing and it is predicted that shortly mayhem shall ensue.

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