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Dimmies destroy quality construction wherever they find it.

Minifig Dimmies, uniformed in the T-shirts and baseball caps of the human FratBoys they seek to emulate, destroy quality construction wherever they find it. They gradually turn their sections of the BrikVerse into endless wastes of shoddy assembly and piles of random elements.

This is viewed as the ultimate escape from the materialism, desire, standards, and expectations of minifig society. This Mystikal Juniorism is viewed by some as an ultimate escape from the standards and expectations of Brik society, especially by minifigs who have become depressed by their own Critical Failure during a crucial opportunity for righteous destruction.


Dimmies where created by an adjunct professor named Cypher in the Myjstik Mountain Time Lab in BR 1,996, using Negaverse radiation to transform innocent minifigs who had been unwittingly exposed to Nega genetiks deep in the past. Their particular mutation is deeply horrifying to regular minifigs, as it causes them to form a frightening growth on the head known as a "nose."

Dimmies, despite appearances, are not undead, since even re-animated skeletons have more brains than they do. (They are a lesser subtype of monster known as "scum", a position they share with Jaw-Jaws and Nega-Blokians.)

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