DragonRiders of StormHall

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DragonRiders of StormHall
Warrior Band
Tek Level 2
Arkeaisian Faction
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Arkeaisian Factions

Notable People
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The DragonRiders of StormHall are an elite band of roving warriors that dominate the skies of Arkeais. Their primary base is the Castle StormHall, which is seated upon a vast, magikal cloud and travels swiftly among the many lands.

The DragonRiders are most well known, unsurprisingly, for their fearsome draconic mounts and frequently launch devastating raids in terrifying death-from-above hit-and-run attacks, blasting their enemies with a variety of draconic breath weapons and obliterating survivors with their own magikal weaponry.



The Riders are a hale and hearty bunch, ready for a laugh and a fight at a moment's notice. Though the Riders have fairly stringent entry requirements, and keeping up with them requires an epic fortitude all its own, they are perhaps the most inclusive group on Arkeais. For them, everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. They take this philosophy to an extreme. They understand that failure is inevitable and embrace getting beaten down as a way to grow. Only after repeated failure can a person reach their true potential.

Many an Arkeaisian has mistaken the Riders to be kindhearted or lenient because of this policy. Any time spent with them will soon reveal the folly of this belief. They do not suffer fools or cowards lightly. Other factions might describe DragonRider missions as "blatantly suicidal" but the warriors always seem to have a plan and the absolute will to cause destruction and chaos.

Not only do the DragonRiders believe in inclusiveness when it comes to the minifigs in their own ranks, but also when it comes to the creatures and teknologies in their employ. Though the Riders are frequently found fighting off invading outworlders (mostly Nega), they believe that it is nothing short of utter folly to destroy outworlder creatures and tek when they could be converted and put to perfectly good use in their own armies.

Their Dragons are the primary example of that, as a goodly portion of the beasts are Nega creatures. Most of the other factions are distinctly uncomfortable with that but none of them can really deny how effective (or how cool) the NegaDragons are. The Riders don't really care about many of the sillier things a lot of other factions worry over, like NegaTaint and the whole Peach versus Yellow ridiculousness, so long as everyone is having a blast and climbing the echelons of heroism.

Notable Members of StormHall

Riders are constantly engaged in contests of one-upmanship. Ballads are written of their Heroes' deeds. The following are some of its greater members.

(None Listed)

Relations with other Arkeaisian Factions

As a major faction on Arkeais, the Riders come into frequent contact with most of the movers and shakers on the FringeWorld. The Riders are likable enough individually and are always happy to form a temporary alliance if greater battles will result but, sometimes, the philosophical differences between the factions becomes insurmountable and their contact comes in the form of glorious battle.

The Order of Automatic Binding

The Order of Automatic Binding is a sometime ally of the Riders. Frankly, the Riders find them too stiff to work with on any sort of regular basis. The OAB is traditionalist and the Riders have no use for a stubborn refusal to accept change, especially when it will help control the threat Arkeais faces.

For their part, the Order is also practical and recognizes, however grudgingly, that the Riders are damn good at what they do and their methods do seem to work, even if they're flying off the next minute to somewhere more exciting and leaving the Order with the boring grunt work. The two factions share a love of fighting, though, and this brings them together more often than not.

Sons of Mim

The Sons of Mim hate the Riders with a fiery passion and seek to do them harm, if not inflict total annihilation on them, whenever possible. To the Sons, the Riders' willingness to interact with otherworldly things positively infuses them with NegaTaint and is representative of the greatest possible betrayal an Arkeaisian can commit against their species.

The Riders don't have much time for what they consider such absurdity and attempt to put down the Sons whenever they encounter them like the dangerous rebels they are.

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