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Dungeons are often, in the eyes of many BrikVerse minifigures, the most important (or at least coolest) room in a large space ship or fortress. This room is a combination of torture gallery, transplant-surgery theatre, and over-all prison. It should come with a torture table, some kind of execution chamber, (usually electric or gas, but a firing range is good too) some surgical apparatus for the transfer of POW figs' parts onto wounded soldiers', and a few holding cages. More insane dungeon designers come up with more insane ways of executing minifigs though, so in the ships or bases of especially demented minifgs you might find things like snake pits or lava pools which minifigs are lowered in to their deaths.

Possible Uses:

  • House and interrogate prisoners to obtain tactical information.
  • Stage rescue attempts.

Tactical Considerations:

  • There's a whole lot of really deadly stuff in a dungeon. Most of it takes some time and effort to use, however, and a whole lot of it is designed for pain, not death. As an attacker, consider moving quickly and ignoring most of what you find unless its small, light, or easily usable.
  • As a defender, consider the worth of the possible information. If it will help you achieve victory, defend the chamber with all you've got. If not, abandon it at the earliest opportunity and use the time gained to set up a counterstrike.


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