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The ESF Empire

Formed at the outer most edge of the Brikverse the ESF empire has a long and violent history. The empire shares borders with USAS, The AAUT, and The Dimmie Forces of Payton. All three of these civilizations would love to see the ESF overthrown and dismantled. However every attack on ESF territory has been blocked so far, and the forces of the empire would fight to the last man to stop their enemies. When the ESF have struck back, they have struck with such a force that the enemy will loose planets and even systems before the slaughter is stopped. The Dimmie Forces of Payton were made aware of this in G.R. 2012 when the ESF, so enraged from the death of their leader Alphafalcon landed on the Dimmie's capital planet Reyo and, in the grim and bloody fighting tore through hoard after hoard of Dimmie's and decorated their vehicles with bloody trophies. The fighting on Reyo lasted 10 years and when it finished the Dimmie hoard vanished along with their ruler the almighty Payton.

The ESF Empire currently consists of around 300 systems however due to the recent wars with USAF the approximate number is unknown. Unknown to the rest of the Brikverse until G.R. 2011 the ESF for many years believed themselves to be the center of the Brikverse, and so they looked down upon the other civilizations that dared to attack them. When, in G.R. 2012 the ESF did come into contact with the rest of the verse, it was with an Immortal feared across the entire Brikverse. The legendary Warhead who had watched from above Reyo as the ESF had fought. He had realized that they were an ally that he must have. For he had witnessed legendary feats, and heroic actions every day that the ESF had fought. Warhead called on them to join the Immortal Empire, and they did become one of the best suppliers of Maniac Beer to the front line to ease the soldiers suffering. The ESF leader, Hawkin also sent the Immortals the ESF Empire's finest legion, the Legion of Talon, which he himself lead into battle on Reyo.

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