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Earth is the rumored planet of Humans, where they conduct their business. It is considered a holy place by almost all religions. Dice worshipers believe that all dice once were created there. Members of the church of explosions believe that there have been multiple RRBEs (Really Really Big Explosions) there, giving birth to the idea of the nuklear option.

Some scientists believe that Earth is not merely a planet, but rather the entire universe, and that each world of minifigs, is but a mere household of a human who likes to play god with minifig lives. However, due to the fact that BOX and BIN class spaceships have no windows, these theories can not be proved. However, some really cool minifigs claim to have traveled in POCKET class transports, and also claim to have seen the true horrors of space. Some minifigs have claimed to hear a very, very strange and horrifying noise the humans call: "Orgasms". Minifigs who have heard this terrible noise either die instantly, turn into a Dungan Jaw-Jaw, or they return as a horrifing DUPLO figure. Those who DO turn into a DUPLO either return to their home to live in shame, or kill themselves.

Places and Locations