Eitri Co. Shipworks

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Warpig Combat Monotread
The V-121
The Golden Bough
The Fury in Muspellheim Born

Eitri Co. Shipworks is the primary manufacturer for VoL forces. Currently their location is unknown, and lies somewhere behind Vol raiding territory. Notable products from Eitri Co. include the V-121 Broadhead light fighter, the L-27 Flechette UAV, and the capital ships "Fury in Muspellheim Born" and "Golden Bough." The Eitri Co. also provides most of the Vol rocketry, ballistic missiles and torpedoes as well as the Warpig combat Monotread. Rumors abound that they are currently salvaging or repairing or rebuilding the "First in Battle-Glory" after it's destruction late in R. 2,009.

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