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(Elkoss Space Sector)
Space Sector
Galaxia Nehellenium
Elkossian (Historical)

Elkan (Modern)

350 Million - Reduced from 800 Million
Orange Transparent, Green Transparent, Gemstones, ABS, Salt, Tears
Controlled By
Several pro and anti Imperial factions, Peach Remnants, Mutants.
Key Locations
Elkoss, Kazmazia, Volsk, Mozorov, Voldoga

This article refers to a Planet and it's former Empire, Information regarding specific Factions that inhabit Elkoss and the colonies are found on separate articles


Early History and the Elkossian Federal Republic

Elkoss, known as Brikrigton until G.R 2008-2009 Is the Capital planet of the Elkossian Star Republic. Civilization is believed to have appeared in G.R 1994 but could have been as late as G.R 1992, Brikrigton suffered from a developmental lag as some groups of Minifigs continued to evolve and advance their settlements, whereas others lagged behind in the Stone and Metal ages. These primitive enclaves would remain until G.R 2007 when they were rounded up and put in the "Zoo". From G.R 2001 to G.R 2005 the planet, now known as Elkoss. Suffered a devastating world war which saw the countries of the United Union and Elberusyn Federation square off against one another over the border region of Belkraine. The war ended in a United Union/Belkrainian victory, and with the power vaccuum left by the demise of the Elberusyns. The United Union used it's unchallenged dominion over the planet to reorganize all the nations on the planet into the "Elkossian Federal Republic". From here, the EFR could peacefully expand into space and begin colonizing nearby systems. This was the beginning of the Elkossian Star Republic

The flag of the Elkossian Star Republic, which fell out of use after the empire was shattered and balkanized as a result of the peach war.

Elkossioan Star Republic

Elkoss began it's space exploration as early as G.R 2000 when Ice World explorers crash landed on the planet after a fight in the cockpit of their vessel. Local space agencies started ramping their efforts to explore outer space in search for new civilizations and new things. In G.R 2005 shortly after the unification treaty was established on Elkoss, the EFR came in contact with a faction that called itself the "Vincenti Dominion". the VD and EFR would sign a trade and development treaty, helping each other in the form of trading rare materials and items, as well as assisting in the development of each others teknology. The partnership was not to last however, by G.R 2006 the two had been in the midst of a "Cold War" and were fueling an arms race. Just when the Dominion / EFR cold war looked as if it was about to go hot, the Dominion was suddenly invaded and utterly destroyed by a then unknown force. The EFR moved in to supply Aid, and upon discovering that the Vincenti government was few and far between, elected to annex the territory. There were no signs of the hostile race that exterminated the Vincentis, and they appeared to have simply passed through.

After the conclusion of the Vincenti / Elkossian cold war, the EFR renamed itself the Elkossian Star Republic. Between it's own colonizations and the annexation of abandoned and crippled Vincenti systems, the Elkossians now sat on an empire of 74 star systems. The ESR had another brief period of peace which it was unchallenged to expand. Furthering it's control to 93 Systems before it came into it's next conflict. In G.R 2006 it fought a brief war against a NegaBlok Incursion into it's territory, at the time the NegaBlokians were assumed to have been the force that wiped out the Vincentis. The NegaBlokians had superior starships in this short conflict, but was utterly incompetent on the ground where the Elkossian Army and Marines handed them multiple defeats. Eventually the NegaBlokian fleet remnants pissed off to another sector, never to be seen again. After the Vincenti incident and the Nega Blok incursion, this began the first "Era of peace and expansion" which saw the establishment of several of the ESR's most important colony systems, like Kazmazia, Sokolov, Mozorov, Lazar and Larry.

G.R 2009 brought contact between the ESR and another fledgling space empire called the "Z Corp" on the planet Zircon. The ESR attempted to uplift this faction and supplied them with aid, the Z Corp would immediately piss away what was given them and either sell it or trade it with local pirates and smugglers. It wasn't long until Zircon was invaded by the ESR. The war was over in a matter of weeks and at it's conclusion the ESR annexed the Zircon system and began it's second and final "Era of peace and expansion". This era would last until G.R 2011 when the empire found itself in a war in which it's very existence would be held by a thread.

The Peach War and The Collapse

In the last days of G.R 2011, The colony systems of Larry and Lazar sent out distress calls to the homeworld that they were under attack by pirates on a massive scale. ESR Authorities issued a full scale mobilization and planned to send the bulk of it's military to it's western fringe to combat the apparent pirate invasion coming from that direction. While en route, the planetary governer of Lazar sent a message to the incoming ESR fleet to hold their positions and defend the homeworld. Larry had been completely destroyed as the local military detonated nuclear weapons on it's planet to stop the invasion. The "Pirates" invading Lazar retreated and regrouped, having traced the transmissions between Larry and Lazar to Elkoss, they determined the location of the homeworld and target it instead. Within two weeks the "Pirates" had arrived. Massive cargo ships began penetrating the planet's defenses and unloading thousands of troops. These pirates were revealed to be Peaches from an unknown Forest Planet somewhere in the 45th Union systems to the west. While poorly equipped, the "United Peach Liberation Front" was gargantuan in number. Their charge on Elkoss was nothing short of a tidal wave of scum. The Elkossian Army, Space Navy and Marines fought valiantly, Some estimates count the UPLF outnumbering the ESR by as many as 10 to 1. Elkossian Ground forces brought their heavy weapons and armor to bear on the UPLF hoardes, inflicting grevious and massive casualties on them. This appeared to have little to no effect on their morale or fighting capacity however.

The last stand on Elkoss

The war dragged on for 6 months, The ESR being pushed back slowly but steadily. As cities across the home world went dark, chaos started ensuing across the empire as colony systems panicked and fell into disarray. To the Government, It had become clear that this was the end, The Military on the other hand, utterly rejected this defeatist view and swore that they would fight the scum to the very last, No matter the Cost. ESR Navy Admiral King Shitz enacted a military coup on the ESR's government. Shitz had a plan to end the war, a daring last ditch campaign that would give the Elkossian Ground Forces a fighting chance. He called on the Naval Fleet stationed in the Voldoga and Volsk systems to rush to the planet's aid. Battle group Voldoga would sacrifice itself in drawing off the attention of the UPLF carriers and battleships, while Battle group Volsk would initiate "Operation: Hammer Down" The launching of almost 1000 Nuclear and OT Chemical missiles onto the planet's surface. Hammer Down was a plan to bomb the UPLF into oblivion and give the remaining Elkossian Army a fighting chance to turn the tide.

Operation Hammer Down was initiated on July 2, G.R 2012. By this point the only territory the ESR maintained a solid grip was on it's homeworld, yet considerable territory already been conquered and occupied by the UPLF. The Nuclear arsenal was brought down on the peaches and within a few short hours. Millions of peach scum were atomized. The strike had all but broken the back of the Peach assault, and pushed to the brink of existence, the Elkossian Ground Forces turned the tide and defeated the Peaches. Elkoss had been saved, at the price of hundreds of millions of lives, And more than 80% of it's surface was now scorched. The peach Navy tried to surrender, but the The Elkossian ships ignored their pleas and nuked them all the same.

The Fate of the Empire

With their populations and infrastructures all but decimated, Most of the colonies lost contact with the Home world. When they could, many colonists boarded one-way shuttles back to the homeworld as many of the colony worlds had been left completely uninhabitable by the war as much as 80% of the surviving population of the sector fled back to Elkoss. A few colonies were spared the destruction of the war and remained relatively unscathed, while some others rebuilt. With the absence of the Empire's influence, three colonies in particular would rebuild and reorganize into new political entities for the sector as it emerged from Armageddon, the first of which was Mozorov. While it was on the theoretical "front line" of the Peach invasion, Mozorov's Infrastructure and Population were preserved enough to allow a government to maintain control. The ESR colonial government, accused of mass corruption and supply hoarding, was overthrown by a popular Communist insurgency on Mozorov, after winning it's own Civil War, the "Mozorovan Socialist Union" then invaded the severely weakened neighboring star systems of Glub, Sokolov, Kurva and Kazmazia, with major resistance occuring on the latter.

The only major colonies that remained largely unscathed and under Empire control after the war were the systems of Voldoga and Volsk, the two would house the remnants of the ESR Navy, but would remain almost completely isolationist. The two colonial governments bickered with the government on the homeworld and offered very little assitance to it. Many politicians argued that if the Elkossian government could not maintain control over it's own planet, Volsk should be the new seat of power. The union of Volsk and Voldoga remains loyal to the Capital for the time being, but are unwilling to participate in the conflict for the homeworld as foreign powers from outside the sector have become involved, and goes against their isolationist priorities.

With most of it's infrastucture, industry, population and military consolidated on Elkoss, the Empire largely abandoned the rest of it's holdings in the sector as they were judged to be too damaged or volatile to be worth the resources necessary to rebuild and govern. While the federal government claimed ownership over the sector as if nothing had changed, it was largely unable to protect it's claims.

Post Collapse Factions

The Elkossian Colonial governments split into several splinter factions after the peach war, Some declared themselves the new capital "Such as the case with Mozorov, which declared itself both the new Elkossian Capital and rebranded itself as the "Mozorovan Federation" Some time after communications were Re-established with the homeworld, Some systems pledged alleigance to the old government. But almost all ESR systems had their own rebuilding to do. Military and Economical cooperation between the ESA Systems slowed considerably, as much of the shipping and transportation lines had been destroyed, each planet of the old empire was largely left to it's own devices. As such, each planet went down different paths and experienced it's own chain of events that led to rises and falls.

On the homeworld, Several Political factions had sprung up, and their tendancies spread across the empire. While across the empire there would be small secterian conflicts between these Elkoss based factions, As it housed as much as 90% of the sector's remaining population, A much larger conflict brewed on the homeworld itself.

The situation in the E.S.S can best be described as a civil war with several factions locked in brutal sectarian violence. With several worlds including the homeworld, are split up between multiple groups. Elkoss itself houses most of the empire's remaining population, as well as it's infrastructure and industrial capacity, The dominant power of the Homeworld is also seen as the dominant power of the rest of the space sector.

At the conclusion of the UPLF War, as much as 80% of the planet Elkoss' landmass was completely uninhabitable. As such, The population of Elkoss now lives entirely on the Super continent "Halych" which previously contained several of the major countries of old, and many of it's most prominent cities and regions.

The main factions of the Post Collapse Conflict, Circa B.R 2010 - present

The "Elkossian Star Republic" Refers to the collective Empire of federal subject systems within the space sector, As the Empire is fractured and involved in it's own civil war caused by the events on the home world, the greater Empire is effectively Balkanized

  • Elkossian Federal Republic - Also referred to as the Elkossian Star Republic, A once proud and storied federation that has existed since G.R 1992, This Government consists of the Military officers whom overthrew the previous government during the war, as well as those already in power who sided with them. The Government still holds onto almost one third of it's former territory in the sector. The state itself has transformed into a somewhat Fascist entity, Aiming to Rebuild and restore it's former glory. A critical point of the Federal Republic's rhetoric however, which puts it at odds with other powers is that the EFR demands it's own success by it's own accomplishments and acheivements, which is to say that it takes self reliance and patriotism to a fanatical level. This however does not mean the Federal Republic is unwilling to integrate with the greater community, but it does mean that they are largely unwilling to involve themselves in matters if it sees them on the sidelines or otherwise unimportant to them and their interests. The Elkossian government sees the Elkossian New Republic and Commonwealth opponents of "trying to take the quick and easy way to greatness" and that the Elkossian people will "Build their own future, and staunchly oppose anyone who threatens that"
  • Elkossian New Republic - Consisting of both Newcomers to the political scene, and those deposed by the military coup, the New Republic is a confederation that shares similar goals as the Federal government, except that it wishes to be much more open with foreign states and organizations and see the Empire's integration with the greater community on a more diplomatic basis rather than their opponent's rhetoric of doing everything by themselves with minimal involvement with other affairs or states, which the New Republic sees as both wasteful and dangerous. The main point of conflict between the rhetoric and ideology between the New Republic and that on the Capital is the issue of rebuilding, The Capital wants to do everything by it's own hand while the New Republic would ask for and accept aid from other powers. There is also the issue of relations with the Peaches. The war with the UPLF never officially ended, the Capital government is completely unwilling to negotiate with the Peaches, and will accept nothing less than a complete and humiliating unconditional surrender. Wheras the New Republic is willing to comprimise in the sake of ending the pointless conflict, The ENR is also somewhat more accepting of Peaches, although begrudgingly.

The ENR shares a close similarity in ideologies with the Elkossian Commonwealth, the similarities stop at exactly who they are willing to work with in the galactic community.

  • Elkossian Commonwealth - Much like the Federal and New Republics, the Commonwealth is another faction that wishes to restore the empire to glory, and like the New Republic it is more than willing to work with
  • Triangular State of Elkoss - A separatist religious movement that occupies the South-Western desert regions. Largely shunned by all parties due to their aggressive attitudes toward outsiders. Considered a terrorist organization by the [AN] for their attacks on both Elkossian and foreign assets.
  • Mozorovan Socialist Union - A breakaway colony that overthrew colonial governments and installed it's own Communist one, it controls roughly 1/4 of the system, and proclaim's itself to be an ally of the 45th Union and USSSR

Minor Factions across the sector

  • Raiders - Ruthless bandits and gangs that occupy territory scattered across the continent
  • UPLF - Remnants of the Peach invaders that have taken refuge all across the sector, violent and mostly unwilling to negotiate.

Notable ESR Systems

Due to the events of the UPLF war and the massive political instability that followed across the Colonies, the Elkossian Empire has largely been split. The Homeworld still serves as the capital and center of power for the systems still loyal to the Federal Government, but many others have been completely annihilated, abandoned, or rebelled against the capital.

Systems that remain in Federal control

  • Elkoss - Capital and Homeworld of the Star Republic. It's planet-side government is known as the "Elkossian Federal Republic". As much as 80% of the surviving population of the sector fled to Elkoss after the war. Terrestrial civilization is split between as many as 5 major factions
  • Caspia - A snow world which served as the temporary capital during the last days of the Great War, Mostly abandoned today.
  • Zircon - Former capital of Z Corp, Still a poverty stricken dump to this day
  • Voldoga - 4th Largest population center, maintains a private "alliance" with neighboring system Volsk and supports their bid for to become the new seat of power in the remaining empire.
  • Volsk - The Sector's 2nd largest population center. Houses the remnants of the ESR Navy, Wishes have the imperial capital moved to it's system and also maintains a special relationship with neighboring system Voldoga. Remains largely isolationist and unwilling to intervene or assist in the conflicts on the home world as it is not interested in becoming embroiled in a larger conflict with outside powers such as the USA and USSSR

Systems that have been largely abandoned or evacuated

  • Protox
  • Pratt
  • Lingshan

Systems that were completely destroyed or died off

  • Larry
  • Lazar
  • Vincent - Former capital of the Vincenti Dominion"
  • Outer Haven - Paradise system that became a bed for religious infighting and sectarian violence, Population was largely killed off during a short post-invasion nuclear exchange
  • Rektem - Was stripped bare by scavengers from the neighboring Zircon system

Systems under the Separatist Mozorovan Union control

  • Mozorov - Industrial colony, Seperated from the ESR in G.R 2013, Declared itself the Mozorovan Socialist Union, an Independent state. Is thought to be a seeking assistance from the USSSR
  • Sokolov - Noted for having abundant OT deposits
  • Glub - A "garbage world" that was used for waste dumps and retired shipping and military vessels"
  • Kazmazia - The sector's 3rd largest population center, Invaded by the Mozorovans in G.R 2014 but put up fierce resistance by both pro ESR factions and Kazmazian separatists.
  • Kurva - A system primarily used for agriculture, Known to produce very angry and vulgar tractor operators with hair trigger tempers. was also invaded in G.R 2014 which was met with a pro ESR insurgent movement.

Resources & Industry

Prior to the war, Elkoss maintained an advanced and diverse manufacturing industry that drew from the raw resources of the empire, Many of the factories on Elkoss made expensive and advanced goods including personal vehicles, electronics, computers, telecommunications, Luxury goods and perhaps above all, a huge weapons and military goods industry.

Elkoss housed huge deposits of transparent materials, such as OT and related elements. These resources would be used to construct power systems, laser and plasma weaponry for the military, and a wide range of advanced polymers used by many industrial sectors.

The peach war destroyed most of the factories and foundries on the planet, post-war governments managed to rebuild the essential industries, but those dedicated to producing technologically advanced or luxury goods would not be able to be ressurected without huge costs.

The largest and most advanced industry remaining after the war is by far the Military goods sector, even with several different factions vying for supremacy, many of them control and make use of the state of the art Arms military factories. Churning out staggering amounts of munitions, small arms and infantry equipment. While not as large scale as the others mentioned, there is also a respectable production of military vehicles and autonomous military "drones".

Arms factories on Elkoss have produced considerably more equipment than necessary, So Elkossian fabricated small arms have become a major export in the sector, the Ballistic, Laser, Plasma and Explosive weaponry made on Elkoss have popped up in conflicts all throughout the Galaxy.

Political Maps

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