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Nuklear Scarred World
Galaxia Nehellenium
Orange Transparent, Green Transparent, Gemstones, ABS
Controlled By
Disputed, Formerly Elkossian Federal Republik
Dominion, New Republik, Techons, MOTA, Trianglists, Peaches, Other Minor Groups
Key Locations
Sunnyvale, Freedom Town, Quasar, Badlands, Deadlands


Elkoss, Also called Brikrigton in the past was the home to the Elkossian Federal Republik,a Union of nearly a dozen Nations. Civilization manifested sometime between G.R 1999 and G.R 2002, And the Republik was just entering the extrasolar age with it's first out-of-system colonies when the planet was suddenly and deliberatly attacked by a tidal wave of Peaches, The Grand Elkossian Army fought valiantly, Inflicting Grevious casualties on the Peach Heathens. But were ultimatley overwhelmed. The Peach armies were charging toward the Planetary Capital, Arcturus. When the Government decided on the unthinkable, and Ordered the Hammer-down protocol

The Few Republik Navy ships that were in the System were ordered to glass the problem area of the planet. The once Proud Empire would suffer a self inflicted Nuklear Holocaust to stop the Peach onslaught, the sacrifice was successful, the back of the Peaches was broken. And the Military was able to push them into retreat. The cost was astronomical, All communication systems were rendered inoperable, 80% of the Population was Killed, and Arcturus was just gone... It is beileved that the Navy Ships simply fell into mutinous chaos with no chain of command back home. And it is unknown what became of the EFR's other worlds, or if they were even invaded at all. It is possible that another world has asserted itself as the new capital, but is more likley that they became isolationists, or simply fell apart.

After Armageddon

While it may have been the end of the world as some thought, Minifig Kind marched onward on Elkoss, Remnants of the Government consolidated power and began rebuilding in the Central Region of The planet's largest and least scarred Continent, Other bands of Minifigs began rebuilding their towns and provinces, By G.R 2012, Civilization had been restored to a degree, But the Elkossians had suffered a severe knockback in their Teknology. Most fuel sources were lost or destroyed in the war, and Space Travel was completley out of the question until a renewable energy source could be found or developed. They had gone from the entry to the Star age, to somewhere between the Modern and Space ages.

Civilization was not united under one banner however, Since the EFR's government was largely to blame for the Holocaust, few were willing to move to the Enclave government known as the Elkossian Dominion, There were Anarchist Cultists and another self proclaimed Government to the North, Technology Hoarding Lunatics to the West, Triangle Worshipping Nutbars to the South, and there were still Remnants of the Peach Army to the East, And all around them was what the Governments of all Factions called the "Red Zone", the deadlands, Places so devastated by Nuklear Radiation that life would -never- be able to return there, There were parts of habitable land beyond the redzone, "Islands" if you will. But to reach them Minifigs would require air travel capability, And Fuel was hard enough to supply for land vehicles and industrial use, let alone long distance airtravel, Colonization of the rest of Elkoss would have to wait.


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