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New Republik
Democratic Republik
Tek Level 4 (Formerly 6)
Northwestern Region of Elkoss Major, Capital:Freedom Town
None listed
The Brotherhood, Great Triangle Society*
Dominion, Techons, MOTA, Desert Nomads Peaches
Notable People


Centered at it's capital of Freedom Town, The Elkossian New Republik, or New Republik, EKNR, or simply NR, Occupies the North and Northwestern areas of Habitable Elkoss

Formed by the remnants of the Pre-War Civil leaders, the EKNR wish to return the planet to peace and prosperity, but at a manageable and stable pace. Because their leadership comes from the remnants of the Civil leaders, and not Governmental or Military leaders like the Dominion, The NR is a much more open and free society. It employs old concepts of goverance from before the war. such as democracy, civil service and the rule of law, Each province is run by an elected governor, and each governor may run for the presidency. Corruption is known to be high in the system however. And political hardliners and radicals often find themselves in positions of power.


The New Republik's Free and Democratic nature rarely sees them as an aggressor, But it has been attacked from nearly all sides, the Dominion and Republik are sworn enemies, and see each others as pretenders to the "throne", both claiming to be the continuation of the former government. The two states are officially at war but are both bogged down in regional conflicts with other neighbors to be able to fight a full scale war. The NR's other chief opponents are the Techons to the southwest, and the MOTA from the East. Fortunatley, the MOTA tend to attack the Dominion just as much.

Across the bay, the Great Triangle Society does not maintain any kind of border with the NR, However as the Dominion has occupied their lands, the NR and GTS find themselves with a mutual enemy, The NR frequentley sends arms and equipment to support the GTS Inssurrection, and from time to time the GTS will send fighters into Dominion territory, or into Republik territory to assist their NR allies in combat. As a Result of this two-front war the Dominion finds itself on, it has become much more cordial with the Techon Soverignty,

So in this vie for supremacy, the two main powers find themselves at war with each other, each has another power that it is almost exclusivley at war with, and the two main powers maintain relations with the enemies of their enemies... Meanwhile, the MOTA simply attack everyone...


The New Republik's Military is designed around the defense of the homeland and little more. The entire doctrine is designed around defense as the faction finds itself surrounded by enemies. The official name of their Military is the "Elkossian New Republik Defense Forces", But is often shorted to NRDF"

The NRDF like other armies is heavily reliant on foot soldiers, While the equipment they use is mediocre, NRDF soldiers *referred to as Guardsmen* recieve arguably the best training available. While it maintains a small number of specialty groups, the common RDF Guardsman is trained as a normal infantryman, but is also given training with high caliber rifles and anti tank weaponry. Instead of Troops lugging around gear, Gear is brought to them as it is needed. So each Guardsmen squad will usually have access to at least one Rocket launcher and/or heavy rifle. The result is a much more versitile and effective soldier.

Guardsmen teams are typically 5 figs, an NCO and four Infantry. Specialty teams consist of Flamethrower units, Dedicated Anti Vehicle Guardsmen, Engineers, and Commandos.

The RDF also makes heavy use of UGVs, Much more so than the Dominion or any other faction. While maintaining a small number of light Anti-infantry drones similar to the Dominion IF-UV, The bulk of the NR's Drone fleet consists of Strikers. An unmanned Light tank that relies on toughness to defeat infantry and drones, and numbers to defeat tougher enemies. Strikers are an innovative weapon system, But if that wasn't enough the RDF has begun experimenting with a hover chassis for the Striker, Resulting in a more expensive, but considerably better Unmanned Tank design. The RDF also makes use of "Mule Drones", which are armored, unmanned supply drones which are designed to carry supplies to troops in the heat of battle. The bane of the RDF's Drone fleet is that soft control or relay vehicles must be deployed in the theatre as well, if the command and control signals are disabled or disrupted, the Drones become little more than giant paperweights.

Aside from Control and Relay vehicles, the RDF uses a number of manned vehicles too, Mostly Patrol jeeps and Armored personnel carriers. The latter of which coming in two designs, a conventional armed APC, and a heavy unarmed APC which can wreck it's own suspension and become an immobile battle bunker if it becomes too damaged.

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