Empire of Dr. Moreau

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Empire of Dr. Moreau
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TL 6
Small Empire
None listed
Notable People
Dr. Moreau
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From the time he was a child, Dr. Thadeus Moreau XXVII had heard horror stories of his ancient relative's experiments of questionable moral standing. Rather than be repulsed, however, the tales regaled and inspired Thadeus, who dreamed of one day opening an amusement park with living, bio and cyber engineered attractions that would delight and entertain all the children of the world. He made it his life's work to see his dream realized, breaking new ground in the science of engineering living creatures--even some extinct ones. Dr. Moreau was giddy as a grasshopper when opening day for his "Cyber Bio Super Fun World" finally rolled around. Floods of children formicated through the gates, eager to see what wonders lay within the park's oddly incredibly reinforced barbed electric fencing.

Everything was going swimmingly, until, by a tragic twist of Fate's knife, the Universal Predatory Dampener Signal Broadcaster overloaded and fried. The ensuing few minutes of carnage were described by some papers as "A Bath-time of Blood and Mangled Children", "It was as if some disturbed psychopath threw a bunch of horrible science experiments, robots, and children into a blender and switched it to 'high', followed by 'puree', followed by 'high' again, before settling on 'liquefy'," and "Just the worst thing that's ever happened in the world, ever." The government squashed Thadeus's dreams, despite this very trivial mishap, and refused to hear his pleas for another chance. He sat bereft of hope in the ruins of his former fun land on his island, with only his creations for companions. What else could he do but outfit the already deadly creatures with weapons and turn them into a force to be used for revenge and other nefarious purposes?

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Skitter and Slither are two of his earliest, most intelligent creations, and serve as Dr. Moreau's only real "friends". Skitter utilizes his agility and ability to transcend obstacles as a deadly and stealthy scout and close quarters assassin, while Slither moves swiftly across the battlefield to bring enemies in range of his venom launcher, resorting to a poisoned blade when "friends" get too close.


The Scorpiosaurus Rex Mark II is the crowning achievement of and testament to the Doctor's bio-mechanical engineering prowess. It is an entirely autonomous killing machine, with armor integrated into its spine with advanced neural input, making it much more intelligent than your average T-rex. The armor it wears has an advanced tactical targeting overlay, enabling S. Rex to multitask in its murderous rampage. Its weapon loadout includes a scythe and buzz-saw arm--great for close combat, but terrible for lighting cigarettes, a shoulder mounted laser cannon, with the option of a rocket launcher on the other shoulder, and a tail mounted high caliber Gatling gun that can easily aim anywhere, or whip around to knock enemies over before slicing them with its enormous bayonet.

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