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(Empire of Shadovia)
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TL 6.5
Kingdom of Denmark

Zupponn Mining Co.

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Anti-Peach Right Activists

Empryan Colonies

Third Alliance

Emerian Empire

Notable People

Solomon Drake

Commander Payne

Shadovian forces.


Before the Happening

Shadovia Prime was a frozen planet, filled with metals and minerals. The only habitable zones were along the equator and the Poles. Just as on any other planet, the Shadovians evolved and thrived on the planet in its early days. Lower Ice Daemons would raid villages and towns from time to time, but the Drakes(or Drae' K Dei, in early tongues)and the Davenports (Day'Ron Porte, among other noble families, would take care of the hostiles with relative ease. Metalworking, Farming, Dictating, and Engineering came to the Shadovians relatively early, allowing them to expand quite alot early on. Not too long after mass-expansion, Shadovia's kingdoms were scattered and divided, both in physically and mentally. A civil war started, with the main aggressors being many smaller Kingdoms and the very important Hoff Kingdom versus the Nation of Lux, due to Lux refusing to share its resources(and technology). A man named Kevrone Drakus of the Hoff Kingdom changed the war altogether with his invention of the Biron full-armour suit, along with the introduction of Gresh (an early Shadovian gunpowder), which was used in the development of the first firearm, the Hoffman. The Nation of Lux wanted to end the war for good, so they dispatched a legion of 3D-Rangers, wielding experimental repeating crossbows. Little did they know,the men of Hoff had a surprise for them as well. Bolts pinged off of metal and Crystal rounds shredded through leather and flesh. Many tried to escape and made the mistake of leaving the safety of the forest border. With nothing to hook onto, the soldiers were gunned down with no mercy. After what was left of his men returned to him with this news, the Overlord of Lux, John Davusportoux, surrendered his Kingdom to his aggressors. Surprising, Kevrone allowed his captives to continue with life as usual in this Nation. Under his rulership. Keep in mind that this war lasted for a mere week. Not a surprise from someone of the Drake lineage.

Nine Centuries of "peace" later, the almost united Shadovians dared to venture into space and succeeded. Then finally came the Space Knight Age. This age could've been considered the dumbest mistake the Shadovians ever made. They developed so fast, but knew so little. They found a hunk of metal floating near their Homeworld and decided not to figure out what it came from or what it was, but to bring it back to their world. To them, it was nothing but a hunk of cool looking metal. However, its purpose wont be revealed until many of years later.

The Happening/Age of Unification

The hunk of metal turned out to be an alien satellite. The Aliens, whos identity and origin are still unknown, came to Shadovia. The alien craft landed a few yards away from the Shadovian craft, along with dozens of others landing in the distance. When they exited their ship, the intergalactic virgin Shadovians stood there, wetting their pants and wishing they had left the hunk of metal floating in space. Never had they seen such large, grimacing creatures. These creatures turned out to be men in TK level 7+ Hardsuits. Instead of taking what was theirs, they gave the Shadovians everything they had on their ship. They were giving them tech, resources, genecodes and blueprints. In return, all they wanted was a few cattle and a truckload of apple seeds. Then they were gone. Shadovian computers couldnt track their location at all, no matter how much power was given to them. The last thing the creatures said was to "Be prepared for the next time.". So the Shadovians got to work, united and drunken. The soon began traversing the stars and expanding their empire. Still, they knew very little about what lied ahead. Years of warring with other factions and monstrosities. Shado VI had the worst of it. Soon, the Shadovians proved to achieve an armstice between the Unknowns and themselves, under the leadership of Fontaine Davenport, the Auxiliary Supreme Overlord.

Noble Age

The once war-striken planet Shado VI was in a time of peace until an unexspected enemy attacked. Shadovian Empire came to its breaking point after being nearly wiped out by the traitorous Futuron Invasion forces. The Shadovians had no military at all, except for a Paramilitary orginazition named "Blackwatch" formed by War-criminal, Solomon Drake, who is also the SOs son. After a few days of failed retaliations, Supreme Overlord Drake ordered the release of his son and personally made a deal with him. Shadovia will provide the TeKK and provisions if the Blackwatch provide the means of defense. Solomon agreed to this on two conditions, that his comrades be released and prepared immediately and that Blackwatch would become the main fighting force for Shadovia. The SO told him that his comrades would be released, but he could not be the main military force, but will be a building block for one. After rounds of beer and donuts, Blackwatch was placed in action. The Futuron Invasion forces were wiped out and Solomon Drake was redeemed. From the Blackwatch branch came the Rapid Response Force, Grey Guard, Crimson Guard, Deathwatch, the Sons of the Supreme Overlord, and the L.O.S.T.(Low Orbit Shock Troopers/ Laughingly Obnoxious Suicidal Twats). Solomon Drake now serves as Supreme Commander of S.S.P.A.C., though there is a new Supreme Overlord, who seems to be more aggressive than the last and has ordered all planets in the Shadovian Empire to be armed and to establish outpost on moons and material worlds. He also established the Shadovian Imperial Space Command and appointed Solomon's son, his grandson, a brilliant strategist, as Fleet Admiral.

A short while later after the initial Futuron invasion, the Praelites invaded the Shadovians in a massive, bloody crusade for their Czar, who affiliated himself with a group calling themselves the Legion of the Brik, who will later be revealed. Streaks of orange, white and grey left landing skiffs with Lasguns blazing. The landing party wiped out the RRF and the Crimson guard. The L.O.S.T., Blackwatch, and Grey Guardsmen where called to action, though they didn't fare any better than their comrades. Soon, The Praelites controlled most of the Shadovians crippled empire. This was all within a matter of hours. The Praelite Czar, Azon, himself emerged from the Praelite MCC along with his dunce of a brother, Pike. When they looted and slaughtered all of the Shadovians they could, including the Supreme Overlord's son, they called for a mass Exterminatus device code named the "Hyperion" to be aimed at the Shadovian Empire. The Shadovian War General Lynn Davenport knew what they had to do. In the depths of Shadovia, there was facility housing an experimental teleportation device which was being developed for the use of transporting Massive objects such as Warships and Planet Devourers around the Brikverse. Drake had the last of the Science teams and the head engineer scramble to get it up and working. Just as the "Hammer" finished charging, fired and reached the planet, the last of the Shadovians were scanned and teleported somewhere across the cosmos. Gone and alone, but safe. Or so they thought.

Current Age/Age of Chagrin

Currently, Shadovia is fighting multipe wars on different fronts, with one being a civil war within the hierarchy.


Shadovians don't waste time debating on religions. Their belief is that they all have a duty to explore and understand the universe. Then finally, they will decide on what they will instill their faith in. The Greater Good and the Journey to the brink of the universes is all that matters.

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