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Class M Planet
Tharcan Galaxy

Throne Star System

Diameter: 14.000 km
Blue Cyristals, Natural Gas, Salt
Controlled By
M-Throne Empire
E-thronian Successors:

Other M-Thronians: 4.560.000.000

Non-citizens: 17.000.000 (appr.)

Key Locations
Luftstadt, Dampfos, Boloot City

Enheldam, formerly known as E-Throne, is the fifth planet in the Throne star system found in the Tharcan Galaxy. Thousands of years ago the planet was one the mining colonies of the Minerse civilization. Today the planet is one of the most populated inner core planets in the M-Throne Empire. The mining operations still continue for the blue organic crystals in the oceans of the Enheldam which can be used for energy storage. The crystals are produced by some kind of water-algae as side-product of their nutrition.


Geography, Wild Life and Economy

The planet is covered with shallow oceans (%60) and continents (%35) with small amount of elevation. The planets natural life on land contains small sized plants, large bird-like flying animals and reptile like land animals with shells. These shells are probably evolved for protection against the flying predators. The life on sees are very limited because the amount of crystal producing algae is synthetically increased by the Minerse miners to maintain a continuous mining operation and the algae consumes practically all oxygen in water. Even the naturally oxygen producing green algae is almost completely died out in the oceans therefore oxygen production facilities are built to maintain the oxygen level.

The planet’s atmosphere is covered with large strives of permanent clouds. Most of the rich inhabitants are living in the flying cities. Thousands of crystal mining facilities are planted on the ocean surface and land is covered with processing facilities. The workers live in mass housings near facilities.

Local Governments and Council of Kings

The cities in Enheldam are governed by kings. The title of “king” is considered only as symbolic and king’s authority is very limited. Literally (in most of the cities) kings are the eldest member of the richest family in their cities. Any military act of cities against each other is forbidden by the planetary law.

The law in Enheldam is made by the “Council of The Kings” gathered twice in every year. Although it is not written in law, traditionally, kings of the cities in air have more right to speak than the kings of the cities on surface. The death sentence is also under restriction and only authorized by the council of the Kings. Additionelly, the members planetary representative board is selected by the votes in this council for five year periods. It should be noted that the planetary law of Enheldam may not violate the Imperial Law of M-Throne Empire.

City of Luftstadt

Symbol of Luftstadt
An example residence platform from Luftstadt.

Luftstadt is one of the biggest in air cities in Enheldam. The city is the center of commerce and home to the rich business men and many noble families. The council of the kings is gathered in this city twice in every year. This city can be considered as the “capitol” of Enheldam.

The city consists of thousands of platforms floating in air. The city plaforms are categorized by their purpose of use. Residence platforms include hotels, houses, schools, religious and government buildings etc. Commercial platforms include factories, business centers, markets etc. Military platforms include all kinds of defensive and military platforms include defensive facilities, training and command centers etc.

The city is famous throughout the galaxy for the jewelry and architecture. Especially the design of the temples and government buildings represents the magnificence of the Luftstadt architecture. The temples are mostly inspired by the architectural design techniques of the ancient Greeks (An ancient civilization lived on Earth, mythical home world of humans). High columns build with marble stones are the most significant feature of these buildings. Except the temples, most of the buildings in Luftstadt are built as high tech metal construction.

Blue Crystals (BTC)

Probably the most exotic and surely the most profitable resource of Enhaldam is the blue crystals. They are also called scientifically blue transparent cystals (BTC) or blue organic crystals because of the bluish transparent color and organic chemical structure.

The crystals are widely used to store electrical energy. Even small mass of these crystals can contain large amount of energy making these crystals very valuable. Large energy storage capacities are needed in deep space stations and terraforming facilities. Therefor blue crystal based technologies are strategically important for the colonization and exploration.

Crystal collector platform and Tanker-airships. An air-city can be seen in the background.

The crystals are produced by water-algae which can only be found in this planet as side-product of their nutrition. There were attempts to breed these valuable algae in other planets but all attempts failed. Although there are many unknowns about the biochemical process of crystal production, it is known that algae need a very specific light wavelength and a very specific salt concentration to produce these crystals. Even a small deviation from the optimal light wavelength or salt concentration in water leads to major changes in the crystal structure and the crystal loses its capability of containing high amount of energy.

The extraction of the blue crystals is done by collector platforms on the ocean surface. These platforms can move around the ocean to find crystal rich locations. Ocean water is pumped into the tanks of the platforms where the crystals are extracted by filtering the water. After the filtering process the crystals is get into powder form. This powder is mixed with a liquid polymer which protects from chemical reactions. The mix is viscous, transparent blue gel. This gel is transported with tanker-airships to the processing facilities mainly located on solid ground.

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