Envoys of the Immortal War

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Envoysoftheimmortalwar1.jpg "-rrent economical situation will be revised with the wartime economy, especially with the rich plasma fields your planet has." "I don't see why we can't ally, Admiral Warhead. My troops will be setting out as soon as I take my place on the fleet's flagship."

Envoysoftheimmortalwar2.jpg "Speaking of which, have you heard anything from my patrol boat of Terrorkahn Enforcers I sent to your planet a galactic cycle ago?"

"Who, them? Resistance was neutralized on board that craft the moment their weapons powered up. We currently have their commander Immortal in captivity, if you wish for him back."

"...I see. Nay, let him stay for his failure. Tell him Lord Warhead is disapointed in his actions." "I will pass on that message." Envoysoftheimmortalwar3.jpg

"Make no mistake, I do not tolerate failure." "After your conduct at Fico? I never believed so. This is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship, Warhead."

"I certainly hope so, for your sake. End transmission." Envoysoftheimmortalwar4.jpg

"Hrm. Admiral Warhead is intent on conquering this sector as soon as possible. What with the Resistance on Arkane, their aid will be invaluable- I doubt the effectiveness of his cannon fodder after their defeat in orbit, though."

The Nova Sword of the House Arkane buzzes to life, illuminating Baron Bl'Am's shielded face in the memory of thousands of generations of war. Envoysoftheimmortalwar5.jpg

It shuts off, lingering in the air. "At the first sign of attempted conquering of Arkane, the Immortal Army will be forcibly ejected from our lands. Until then... this could be... profitable." Envoysoftheimmortalwar6.jpg The Baron runs through a quick weapons check, then motions for his guards. Envoysoftheimmortalwar7.jpg

"The Fleet of the House Arkane leaves now, to reinforce the Immortals at Fico. Command the Wing Leaders not to engage any bogeys besides FELCian unidentified craft. I hear Ross has betrayed the Immortals after Fico.""Yessir.""Come. The War begins, as 2,011 rolls into being." Bring it!

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